Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The eleventy billioneth post about that speech.

I wasn't going to write about this, I really wasn't.

But a couple of things changed my mind.

Firstly, the reaction of just about everybody in the Canberra Press Gallery to the rest of the world driving around to their place to point at them and laugh has been instructive. Instead of conceding that, you know, several thousand people might have a point, the Gallery has been all "But you don't understand, it's all about The Cooooontext, it's all about the Government defending that horrid Peter Slipper."

Which sort of works.

Until you think about it for 30 seconds.

Or read the actual speech.

The PM had made it perfectly clear that Slipper's texts were unacceptable and offensive. She also made it quite clear that it was important to follow the correct process while the matters were before the courts.

And even if - and I do mean if - it was all a cynical stunt by the Government to shore up their numbers, then why did two of the independents and Adam Bandt vote against the Opposition's motion? It's no skin off their noses if Slipper moves to the cross-benches.

Or perhaps they could see that Ms Gillard had a point about due process.

The always perceptive Mr Denmore has a good take on the Gallery's reaction here, but my quick summary would be this.

If the reaction from experienced journalists to any criticism from their readers is to either try to bully them into submission or claim they can't possible understand what is happening before their eyes, then why read them?

If  any schlub with too much time on their hands and an Internet connection can pull together an interpretation of what is happening in Canberra that is just as valid as the Gallery, then why listen to the Gallery?

In short, why care what the Gallery says about anything?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I believe in getting them young.

Conversation around the family dinner table recently.

The Boy: "The oldest women in the world is 150. Just think of all the things she's seen and done."

Me: "You know Boy, a lot of people think living a good life isn't just about the number of years you've lived but the good things you've done and how you've helped your friends and community.



"And never voting Liberal."

The Misses (wearily): "Ramon, give a break for five minutes."


Just the other day.

The Boy: "Dad, how do you defeat The Boss?"

Me: "Well, joining a union is always a good start."

The Boy: "Daaaaad, I was talking about my video game!!"

Me: "Oh.


I think I need psychiatric* help.

* I mean more psychiatric help.