Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome, Norsename

Oh, this post is such an ill-fit given what's below, but Puss, I'm glad to hear you're okay and I apologise if this post seems, I dunno, inappropriate, but, anyway, I did want to let you guys know Andromeda had our baby girl on Sunday (8 pound 4, epidural, Norse name). I'm a Dad. Jesus. Mother fucking jesus. You know, I was waiting for this magical moment wherein the instant my daughter was born I would feel like some sort of new man. It didn't really happen, and I don't think it will. I still feel like me and I'm just as I always was, but now I have a daughter and some extra responsibilities. I also have extra love for Andromeda - bordering on worship for what she went through on my behalf. But what did change in an instant was this: Propensity for violence. From the moment Norsename was born I had this instinctual, primal desire to TORTURE AND KILL anybody that threatened her safety. I don't even know why I thought of it. Perhaps because she looked so helpless there, covered in placental discharge or whatever that gunk was, but there she was, laden with half my genetic code, and I realised then and there that I would without even a micro-second of second guessing, murder in her name and/or take a bullet for her. But of course, the certainty of violence is not what takes up my day. It's all nappies and washing and nursing and remembering the time of my life that lasted 43 years in which I had a decent sleep. And staring a lot at the little baby in wonder and awe. Life's alright once you get used to it.