Monday, July 2, 2012

Tomorrow's headlines today!

Gillard to Abbott "Shut yer fat gob, yer pencil-dicked buffoon"

Julian Assange something, something.

Syria - OMFG!

Exclusive poll: 98 per cent of people don't give a fat fuck about opinion polls.

Finance: The rich get richer, the poor get the picture, the bombs never hit you when you're down so low.

Sport: God hates Richmond fans, wants them to suffer.

Sorry I haven't written anything recently, bad depressive episode. You really don't want to know*.

* You really, really don't want to know.


squib said...

My own personal headline (yesterday's headline today) would be IGA HAVE NO FRUIT TINGLES - NO WONDER THIS WORLD IS IN SUCH A MESS

Sorry you've been down. Here is a chocolate crackle \_/

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

They still make Fruit Tingles in WA?


And thanks for that Squib. The only thing nicer than a chocolate crackle is a chocolate cackle.

Kettle said...

Ramon sorry to hear that too. Mr Kettle and I will be in Melbourne this weekend. Wanna have beer and chips at that pub place you like, you know, Northcote-way.

Melbs? Mr E? You guys around? Melbs I need to talk to you about your story, which has some seriously good writing in it. Sat or Sunday arvos, we can do either.

Lemme know.

Hey Squib, I'm planning a road trip to Perth! I might just be able to pick up that violin afterall.

And Ramon, I always love it when you say 'Cripes!' It makes my day.

Mr E said...

Lemme know.

I'm In!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Very kind of you Kettle, I'll let you know how I'm placed.

I'll even wear my "Cripes!" T-shirt.

Kettle said...

Mr E, Ramon, Melbs, Lewd, just sent you Melbournites an email...

squib said...

Hey Squib, I'm planning a road trip to Perth! I might just be able to pick up that violin afterall.

I hope you get here before November as we are probably moving to the UK.

Anonymous said...

Gillard to Abbott "Shut yer fat gob, yer pencil-dicked buffoon"

Quite. After watching Monday's Q and A, I'm advocating we cut politicians from the public discourse and try just having public servants, academics, and so forth discuss politics on our current affairs and panel shows for a bit.

Sorry to hear about the bad news by the way, hope you're feeling much better now.

Squib, sorry to hear about your bad news too. The fruit tingles as well as the UK thing. Unless you're going to a really nice part of the UK. Maybe they will have fruit tingles there.

Kettle, Melbs is off on a road trip of her own at the moment. Not sure when she'll be back. I think she said she'd be gone about 11 days and the last I spoke to her was about 7 days ago (she hadn't left at that point).

Oh, and if you're in one of those adventure-travel-show type moods (and aren't carrying anything valuable) you should really consider spending a night out in Ceduna on your way through SA.

Melbourne Girl said...

I'm back! Thanks Alex for letting beer drinking, lemon-loving types about me being away. I did miss a small flurry of emails, not even sure whether the meet up happened or not.

And squib. I love you. Got your little something in the mail today and I'm feeling bad that I haven't even replied properly after the Christmas one. You put me to shame but thank you.

So did the meet up happen?

And Ramon. Hugssssss