Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Fluffy liked biting people professionally.

Well, in addition to the alcoholism and the depression, I've suddenly started having anxiety attacks.


I'll post something more substantial when I stop being so deranged.

Also, is it a good idea to wash down your anti-depressants with red wine? I'm thinking yes.


Cath said...

Red wine + drugs is always a winning combination. Frankly, I have been combining anti-depressants and alcohol for years, and look at me - I am *just fine*!!

Melba said...

Anxiety attacks - just don't take Xanax. I'm serious. Red wine yes, anti-depressants yes, but Xanax no.


squib said...

I think it's better to wash them down with beer. This may sound weird but have you tried taking magnesium?

Helloooo from Scotland by the way

Anonymous said...

Just be careful with that stuff and look after yourself, okay, Mr INH? I'd hate to put on Media Watch one of these evenings and hear John Holmes giving TT &/or ACA a serve over some revoltingly intrusive bullshit story about an infamous left-wing blogger and internet troll from Melbourne pulling a Heath Ledger. Y'get me?

You had a bad experience with Xanax, Melbs? I'm curious, 'cause a doc once gave me a bottle as simple, low-risk, aid for my speech issue. It wasn't. Just made me really mellow and sleep really well.

From one Perth to another, Squibsy? Have you come upon any bonnie lads in plaid skirts yet (If I recall, you're quite keen on that sort of thing)? And did you sort out something for your wee dog?

squib said...

Haven't spotted any kilted menfolk, Alex. Managed to find a rental that would take our doggy. A little bit in the country, very beautiful, all snowy at the moment

Melba said...

No Alex I haven't myself but my ex hubby asked me to go to my doctor and get a prescription for him here in Australia (saying it was for me) and take it to him in Turkey. I looked it up and saw how shit it was (eg Heath Ledger et al), went to the doctor, said this is what my ex has asked me to do, now you say no and I can tell him that I asked and you said no. It's just easier for me this way if I can say I asked you and you said no.

She said: "Xanax is really bad. I would never prescribe it for a patient who really needed it. It's worse than Valium."

Squib, you're in the home country, love it.