Thursday, January 13, 2011

Travel Special: Albany

A picture from our holiday...

This is not a martini

We went south to Albany (4 hour drive). Albany has a rock that looks like a dog's head. It's called Dog Rock and you can buy the postcard

Albany has a March fly problem

Albany has many Klingons driving 4WDs like the one who parked his big fat black Nissan Navara in front of our beach shelter

We stayed at my dad's place. I drank his beer and it was Best Before 2004. He has an ant problem. This is some wallpaper and lino from my dad's place

We had a power cut

LittleSquib (7) got an electronics kit for Christmas so she rigged up a wee light circuit to tide us over while she discussed foreign affairs

LS: We should do more for China


LS: Oh, come on! Can't you tell?

Not really

LS: Because everything in this whole world is made in China, including even this spoon. They have to do everything

The End


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Could be worse Squib.

You could have been forced to camp out.

squib said...

Did that happen to you?

Lewd Bob said...

Or you could've gone somewhere without a rock shaped like a dog's head.

squib said...

and that would really suck

Melba said...

Ramon and Bob are right, it could have been worse. And you could have gone somewhere with a humungous spider problem and without that wonderful wallpaper/lino.

Tell LittleSquib she is a thoughtful child and China thanks her.

Anonymous said...

What kind of beer was it?

I'm sure there's a joke in there regarding 121 differently wrapped books and the lino/wallpaper. I'm just too tired to join the dots right now.

LittleSquib is awesome.

wari lasi said...

Your holiday stories are terrific Squib. As are your birthday stories (hasn't your old man got eclectic taste!) and your poems of course.

Sounds like LS has your penchant for deep thinking.

RandomGit said...

Wallpaper, Lino and China make it good. Like bacon or ice cream. Or Bacon AND Ice Cream.

squib said...

Melba, I don't mind spiders so much. March flies are like armies of the living dead

Alex, it was Dutch. Then I found some Coronas and they were in vintage bottles. So I dug around in a spooky cupboard and found some whisky. Win!

Wari, I think all kids are deep. When my oldest was very little she asked me if men speak a different language from women

Random, it was good and the freezer was stuffed with cookies and cream and caramel honey macadamia and strawberry stravaganza ice cream

patchouligirl said...

We went camping. We got it all, mozzies, flies, rain, mud and bogans with 4wd's, powerboats, donuts and no notion of how to talk quietly when they are on the piss at 3am and their nearest neighbour (us) is 5 meters away. The crucial thing though was that our 3 year old had the time of his young life and this meant that we actually enjoyed ourselves overall. Can't wait for the next one.

My 7 yr old neighbour can now read and quizzed her mother on Santa's toy production, the elves etc when she read 'made in China' on a toy under the tree.

Perseus said...

The before and after shot made me laugh out loud.
I nearly said 'lol', but remembered just in time that I am not an inbecile.

I hope Puss didn't drown.

Perseus said...

No, not an inbecile. Just an imbecile for letting I-phone do my spelling.

squib said...

"LittlePatch, so Santa decided to move toy production to China because child labour there was very cheap..." Wait, there's something wrong with that picture

Persey, get thee a Shorter Oxford app (and hey, good to see you again)

patchouligirl said...

My suggestion was a sentence including the words "busy" and "outsource".

Puss In Boots said...

I'm all good, thanks for the concern. My family is good, too. My parents live in the Lockyer Valley, but thankfully not in an area where the wall of water went through. They were flooded a bit, but nothing too major. Alex's parents were far more affected.

Squib - the lino/wallpaper is my favourite bit. There isn't much in this world I wouldn't rather do than go camping. The boy keeps pestering me to go, and I keep telling him he'd regret it if we do. Maybe I'll say yes one time just to teach him a lesson.

Pers - you have my permission to begin said wooing.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You never struck me as the camping type, Puss.

I can just about cope with camping if there is copious quantities of delicious, frosty-cold Cooper's Ale to hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to hear that you and your home got through unscathed, Puss. My sympathies go out to your folks, since I think I've got a fair idea what they're going through.

Having my folks stay with me has had its moments. Today, Dad presented me with a gift of toiletries and cleaning products. Among them was a twin pack of deodorant. I guess he either overlooked this graphic or he's making assumptions based on the single and childless thing. *sigh* Maybe if I use them separately, I won't be swarmed by bare chested ladies in their undies.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Is being swarmed by bare chested ladies in their undies a problem for you Alex?

Because if it is, maybe you could direct a few to Lorne.

Anonymous said...

Is being swarmed by bare chested ladies in their undies a problem for you Alex?

It's generally not the result I look for when applying a fragrance, Ramon; but if any show up, I'll be sure to wave them southwards.