Friday, April 8, 2011

A grumpy PSF

"I wish you discomfort"

Think not, because I wonder where you fled,
That I would lift a pin to see you there;
You may, for me, be prowling anywhere,
So long as you show not your little head:
No dark and evil story of the dead
Would leave you less pernicious or less fair—
Not even Lilith, with her famous hair;
And Lilith was the devil, I have read.

I cannot hate you, for I loved you then.
The woods were golden then. There was a road
Through beeches; and I said their smooth feet showed
Like yours. Truth must have heard me from afar,
For I shall never have to learn again
That yours are cloven as no beech’s are.


squib said...

Why are you grumpy, Ramon? tell us all about it

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I'm not grumpy Squib.

The bloke who wrote the poem is grumpy.

The cat is grumpy but she's always in a foul temper.

Mad Cat Lady said...

That is awesome

Now as soon as my fellow minon returns with my fish burger, my day will be complete.

squib said...

He's being a bit bitchy about his ex, I gather

MCL I like your hair that colour

Mad Cat Lady said...

But isn't it glorious that he went to all the trouble to write a poem just to bitch about his ex?

Instead of just writing she is a slut on the backs of toilet doors.

merci - my natural colour

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Certainly beats dumping somebody on Twitter.

Mad Cat Lady said...

or sneaking into their flat via the extra set of keys they leave stashed in one of those little magnetic boxes attached to the down pipe and dialing the italian speaking clock and leaving the phone off the hook

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Remind me not to get you mad at me, MCL.

eat my shorts said...

This poem is ace.