Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raised on the classics

"Do you do kids' songs?"

Before we leave the house on any excursion, I say "Hey, ho" and The Boy responds with "Let's go!".

He does this every time.

I must be doing this parenting caper right.


Kettle said...

Not only are you doing it right but I think you have a responsibility to have more children, for the good of society.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Very kind of you to say so Kettle, but what if I completely fuck-up the child-raising process for the next ones and they become Liberal Party voters?

Who hate cricket!

Kettle said...




I will never get that image out of my mind. Urgh!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I will never get that image out of my mind.

Which bit, Kettle?

The voting Liberal or the hating cricket?

RandomGit said...

Try as I might, all the kids ask me to do is to turn it down. Or put on Barbie Dance Party. Or 90's dance party floor fillers.

I have banned these from my car. They get Judas Priest and they can learn to like it god dammit.

Kettle said...

The voting Liberal or the hating cricket?

Ramon I'm fairly ambivalent to cricket but if it's something a Liberal voter hates I'm happy to love it.

WitchOne said...

My kids hate truffles.

I'm thinking of refunding them.

Kettle said...

Nah Witchie, hold onto them. Imagine if they liked truffles, or if you swapped them for kids who do, then you'd have to share the truffles family-wide. Nevah!

eat my shorts said...

I've been working on some History units for the Australian Curriculum lately.

And as a result of this blog post I'm pushing for "Hey ho! Let's go!" to be taught to every student from Years K-12.

But no-one really listens to me here, so it probably won't go far.


WitchOne said...

You speak the dreaded truth Kettle. Maybe I will persevere anyway so by the time they work for a living they will have my expensive taste and hopefully I better income to support it (and mine).

Persist EMS, I dare you.