Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What the what!?

Oh goody. I'm in the Olympic spirit already.

As many of you will be aware, I’ve given up on political commentary in this country as all too often, it reduces me to a spittle-flecked rage.

Unfortunately, upon reading that The Clash’s mighty 1979 song “London Calling” is being used as part of the countdown to the London 2012 Olympics has reduced me to a spittle-flecked rage.


What I suspect happened is that some 20-something “marketing consultant”, who has never heard of The Clash or indeed heard “London Calling”, had the brainwave** of thinking “Oh, this song has the word London in it. The London Olympics are coming up. We’ll use this song.”

Right, because nothing says “Olympic frolics” like a song about the coming apocalypse, environmental destruction, political repression and possible violent death.

And I don’t know about you, but the lines
London calling to the faraway towns
Now that war is declared-and battle come down

have me just itching to book tickets.

Once again, a precious part of my youth has been pissed away in some stupid marketing campaign.

* Any suggestion that “spittle-flecked rage” is my default setting is a foul slander.

** Possibly as part of “blue-sky***” thinking.

*** Whatever that is.


Melbourne Girl said...

Oh fuck those marketers. I suspect you're right Ramon. And this in view of the recent riots as well? Wonder what Strummer would have said? Probably would have laughed and gobbed on their Hugo Boss suits.

eat my shorts said...

It does seem bonkers to use that song, particularly after the riots.

The people in marketing who made that decision are teh dumb.

Kettle said...

I look at these things as self-vetting instruments:

You get the song doesn't suit = You're smart enough not to go to the Olympics.

You've never noticed the lyrics other than the bit about 'London' which ohmigod just happens to be where the Olympics are on next, rad! = You're dumb enough to go to the Olympics.

Kettle said...

PS, sorry to hear another part of your youth has been lost, Ramon. I'd hate to be a marketer and run across you in a dark alley!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

My vengeance is indeed long and brutal, Kettle.

Anonymous said...

Ramon, don't you know that pro-sport is just like war? That's why when people win medals, they get called "heroes", right?

Actually, my money is on any controversial lyrics getting edited out with some sort of instrumental loop or something; like that Go-Betweens song and the line about battered wives.

Does anyone remember a few years ago, some sporty person died and one of the TV stations made a tribute video and used a song that featured that persons name - but the song was about a prostitute or drug-addict or something? Anyone know what I'm thinking of?

And just quickly on politics and rage; anyone watching the Gillard sitcom thingy tonight?

Kettle said...

Alex there's a Gillard sitcom? Lordy.

On another point, is 8:51pm too early to go to bed?

Anonymous said...

Well, it is if you wanna see the Gillard sitcom.

But otherwise, no. Especially if you're getting up early.


Melbourne Girl said...

Alex can't think of what you're referring to. But Elton sang Candle in the Wind for Diana and changed the lyrics. Nothing about hookers though. Just about being found dead in the nude and a boy who saw her as something more than sexual.

Kettle said...

Alex I certainly felt like a Grandma yesterday when I went to see my physio... who must be, what, 25? Bloody young people. Bloody suck they do.

Cath said...

As I have often said Ramon... Kids today hey? Can't kill 'em, and can't trust 'em with the world!

squib said...

When China handed the Olympics over to Britain I wrote this on my blog:

Why on earth didn’t they use London Calling as their song instead of Whole Lotta Love? Led Zeppelin are boring

I'm sorry, Ramon. Mea culpa

Ramon Insertnamehere said...


It was you!!

patchouligirl said...

Led Zeppelin boring? I must protest. They were very innovative and diverse. Although a blues driven hard rock band, they ventured into other styles such as rockabilly, folk and classical. Here they are in 1970, introducing the Royal Albert Hall to thrash rock:

Suggest you go back to school on Led Zeppelin Squib because I reckon there would be few life experiences as exciting as being at a Led Zeppelin concert.

I wish they'd gone all the way and used Sex Pistols "God save the Queen" but "London calling" is still pretty amusing.

squib said...

Patch, I only hate them cos an ex used to play Stairway to Heaven on the stupid guitar that I slaved and saved money to buy for him

patchouligirl said...

Love Led Zeppelin.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

How do you feel about Dread Zeppelin, Squibsie?

squib said...

I think they are dreadful?