Friday, February 24, 2012

I got nothin'. Nothin'!

"Wake me up when the leadership spill is over."

Because I’m a lazy, lazy man, I can’t be arsed doing a PSF today.

I thought instead I'd share the lyrics from songs have stayed in my memory, for one reason or another.

What this says for my mental state, I shudder to think.

There will be a small prize for anyone who can correctly identify what songs these lyrics are taken from*.

1.         Where was I, I forgot the point that I was making.

2.         Shana-nana, ooh my my, she’s on drugs.

3.         Goddamn, Europeans!

4.         I got girl trouble. Up the ass!

5.         Welcome to the cheap seats.

6.         In these shoes? I don’t think so!

7.         Your laughing eyes, your crazy smile, every time I look in his face.

8.         I got no distance left to run.

9.         I was visiting a sick friend. I was a doctor then.

10.       Never could stand that dog.

*I don’t know what the prize will be.

Possibly a beer.

Or a lemon.

Or a beer made from lemons.


Melbourne Girl said...

I was going to say the prize could be a beer or lemon! I don't know any of those lyrics; I think I am the worst person in the world at identifying lyrics.


You said Rudd wouldn't go for it, month ago, when I suggested it Sir.

Do you think he's just being saboteur'y or does he really think he has a shot?

squib said...

We Want A Rock – they might be giants

She’s on Drugs – The Butcher Says

The Last Living Rose – PJ Harvey

Girl Trouble - v i o l e n t f e m m e s

Welcome to the Cheap Seats – The Wonder Stuff

In These Shoes - Kirsty MacColl

Already One – Neil Young

No Distance Left to Run – Blur

Song of Joy – Nick Cave

Frank’s Wild Years – Tom Waits

squib said...

PS. I have always wanted a pet monkey

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Cripes, that was quick Squibsie.

Well done on No. 10.

Your beer and your lemon are waiting for you.