Sunday, February 24, 2013

I appear to be sharing a house with Hunter S Thompson*

"And Mescalin. We need more Mescalin"

A recent shopping list;




Toilet paper,

Tonic water

I was going to write something about the recent spate of gibberish from the Canberra Gallery about "speculation about a leadership challenge is hovering above the Gillard Government"** but every time I started to think about it, my hands curled up in a spasm of rage and I couldn't type.

Maybe later.

When I calm down.

*Yes, I know he's dead. Shut up.

** From memory, a hack actually wrote this. Sad but true.


look see said...

I have to tell you guys - I don't think I'm emotionally ready for an election this year. Can we do a rain check?

Anonymous said...

Gnomes, I have a hunch you're probably not the only bespectacled lady, with shoulder-length red hair, from down south who feels that way right now.

Ramon, why not cross the dunny-roll off your list and put that newspaper to its obviously intended use? It may not be overly absorbent, but it might offer a little catharsis.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Tempting suggestion, Alex.

Anonymous said...

Given the way the WA election* has fed the all-consuming disaster narrative, I just wanted to check in and make sure you were doin' okay, Ramon.

*Personally, I suspect this may have something to do with Squib leaving the state.

Melba said...

Oh hay everyone. You're here. I haven't swung by in a while.

Hey Ramon. Hey EMS.

catlick said...

I hate insurance companies. That is all.

Perseus said...

I hate insurance company ads.
I think Labor will lose. It's sad.

Melba said...

Fuck. Stuff is going on today in parliament and it's all looking bad. Fuck. Fuck.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Assuming, of course, that Kruddy actually runs.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

And Kruddy has just confirmed he won't be running.

You heard it here first.

Stick that in your pipe, Canberra Press Gallery.

catlick said...

I hate the meeja. That is all.

Melba said...

Gillard's hanging in there. What a kerfuffle yesterday, but man she's tough and cool and steady and I like that. I wish we'd seen this stuff from her from the beginning but anyway, she's playing it well now and has been for a while. What next? Will she hang on and wait and hope Abbott fucks it up? Suddenly things got interesting again. Interesting article from the Guardian here:

squib said...

Poor, poor Crean. I want to give him a hug

Melba said...

This is what I want: Gillard stabilises, gets her cabinet organised and pushes forward being Excellent and Impressive in all possible ways leaving Abbott with a glorious 6 months in which to fuck up hugely, repeatedly and irreparably. Let them have a leadership challenge and let it work.

Oh and the media needs to either stay out of it or apply the same sort of critical lens to the Libs.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the media needs to either stay out of it or apply the same sort of critical lens to the Libs.

Why would they do that? And who's going to hold them to account if they don't? From what I can see, a Lib govt would be a big win for the larger media organisations. I'm sure the Murdoch press would be especially happy to rid themselves of Conroy.

leaving Abbott with a glorious 6 months in which to fuck up hugely, repeatedly and irreparably

Have you noticed that since that night on the 7:30 Report where he came off looking like a complete tit*, Abbott's been staying away from interviews that might turn confrontational? I'm not really expecting that to change, so unless he gets secretly recorded calling disabled people bludgers or something, I dunno how likely that's going to be. I imagine the calibre of fuck-ups you're talking about are far more likely to come from mean-spirited, loud-mouthed, arseholes like Scott Morrisson and Sophie Mirabella.

*You may recall it as the one that prompted that Howard adviser bloke** to call Sales a cow.

**Whatsisname. The one who said Gillard should be kicked to death. You know who I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

So, I was catching up with the news tonight (anyone think anything's going to happen with this North Korea situation?) and I keep seeing this story about Rupert Murdoch calling the government's 457 visa stance "racist and disgraceful". Murdoch. Really? The prick whose media empire makes a fortune fermenting racially charged resentment against migrants and refugees right across the English speaking world (and possibly beyond)? That Murdoch? The disgraceful old cunt who just fronted a British inquiry where he was questioned about the unethical and criminal behaviour that's become an entrenched culture within his publications -- the extent of which is still being revealed?

So anyway, my question is this: Is it significant that most of these stories have a publication date of April 1st?

Hope everyone is doing okay.

catlick said...

Here is the Statement of Claim from David Etteridge that was served on Tony Abbott this week. Game on!

Anonymous said...

Much obliged Catlick.

I find it amusing that the petty and spiteful legal proceedings that Tony Abbott endorsed in order to damage someone elses chances at election, may have resulted in petty and spiteful legal proceedings that damage his own chances.

I will defer to Squib's expertise in all things poetry, but I would hazard a guess that this constitutes poetic justice.

Melba said...

Hey Ramon if you pass by, I sent you an email. Not sure if you got it. Hope you are okay comrade. M x