Friday, February 25, 2011

A super quick PSF today, comrades.

"Why no Emily Dickinson?"

Nobody knows what waits ahead
Beyond the earth and sky
Lie-d Lie-d Lie
I'm not afraid to die

And there the work of my own hand
Be broken by and by
Lie-d Lie-d Lie
I'm not afraid to die

Sometimes it finds me fast asleep
And wakes me where I lie
Lie-d Lie-d Lie
I'm not afraid to die

Forget my sins upon the wind
My hobo soul will rise
Lie-d Lie-d Lie
I'm not afraid to die

Lie-d Lie-d Lie
I'm not afraid to die


Kettle said...

My hobo soul will rise

Aww, that's so sweet.

Why super quick, Ramon? You off to a Little Creatures press conference?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

No Kettle, I just can't be arsed.

Alex said...

Ramon, you bastard, you've got me blubbering into my keyboard.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

you've got me blubbering into my keyboard.

Well, I think that's settled the whole "is Alex really a bloke" debate.

squib said...

Why the really bad picture of a vampire duck?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It's a vampire duck who's a big fan of Emily Dickinson, squib.

Reason enough, I would habe thought.

squib said...

yeah that's what I thought

Alex said...

Yeah, sorry Ramon. Guess I'm still a big puddle of soppy, girly emotions right now.

Got a nasty phone call last night. My beautiful, still-in-her-thirties cousin has bone cancer. She won't outlive her father who's dying of prostate cancer.

Thought I had the sooks out of my system, but that poem has proved otherwise.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Cripes, I'm sorry Alex.

Didn't mean to make you blub.

Mind you, both me and the Mrs got all teary watching Despicable Me with The Boy on the weekend.

Puss In Boots said...

Alex, your family is not having much luck at the moment.

*hugs* and best wishes.

Mad Cat Lady said...

So I went searching for a Vampire Duck and I found a verse, which perhaps was the whole poem, but I went searching to find out for sure, and it was written by some dude called Brian Pattern so I went searching for his poems, but I couldn't find the vampire duck one again - but this is nice, yes?

When you wake tomorrow-Brian Patten

I will give you a poem when you wake tomorrow.
It will be a peaceful poem.
It won’t make you sad.
It won’t make you miserable.
It will simply be a poem to give you
When you wake tomorrow.

It was not written by myself alone.
I cannot lay claim to it.
I found it in your body.
In your smile I found it.
Will you recognise it?

You will find it under your pillow.
When you open the cupboard it will be there.
You will blink in astonishment,
Shout out, ‘How it trembles!
Its nakedness is startling! How fresh it tastes!’

We will have it for breakfast;
On a table lit by loving,
At a place reserved for wonder.
We will give the world a kissing open
When we wake tomorrow.

We will offer it to the sad landlord out on the balcony.
To the dreamers at the window.
To the hand waving for no particular reason
We will offer it.
An amazing and most remarkable thing,
We will offer it to the whole human race
Which walks in us
When we wake tomorrow.

Mad Cat Lady said...

oh bugger Alex - that suxs

Alex said...

Thanks heaps, Puss. You're right, luck is lousy right now. Always gotta be thankful it's not worse, though.

S'okay Ramon. Given that we're such a big family and how rife Big C is, I probably just need to toughen up when it comes to poetry slams. (Despicable Me? Ha! But seriously, thanks for that, ya big sissy. *smirk*)

A nice, uplifting poem, MCL. By the way, that duck looks to me like it has a comb. A vampire chook, maybe?

eat my shorts said...

How horrible for you & your family Alex. Take care. I don't think you need to harden up (for what it's worth).

Mr E Discharge said...

My thoughts are with you and your family. A dear friend of mine is in a similar situation, and I"m having a lot of trouble dealing with the sheer injustice of it all. Life need not make sense, but strength, focused belief and Love can benefit all.

Melba said...

My thoughts are with you and your family Alex.

Cancer is a bitch.


Alex said...

Thanks EMS, Mr E, Melba, everyone.

Cancer is indeed a bitch. In a way, I think, I'm almost fine with death. It's having someone you love eaten away by a disease, like that, that's heart breaking. I have similar feelings about dementia; and both of them are so bloody prevalent. Well, amongst our mob, anyway.

At least it's nice to know that, here, nobody is going to bring up "God" or his "plan".