Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Shoe-a-palooza

Ok, you (well, some of you) asked for it! Here are some of my latest shoe purchases:

I bought these last year actually, but they're still a recent purchase. They are extraordinarily bright, and aren't really "every day" shoes. But they do make a statement! They won't be in season for long, but I suspect the 80s will make another comeback at some stage, and when they do, I'll have my neon pink shoes at the ready! I usually wear them with a plain black dress, black handbag, and a Hermes scarf with neon colourway (Pavois, in black/pink/orange/green). I have also worn them with a jade green dress, and a bright yellow dress, to great effect.
Christian Louboutin Paquita 120

These shoes are actually black and a pale gold, though they look pale pink in this photo. They're pretty classic, and I generally wear them with a black dress, black handbag and a black/gold Hermes scarf. You could also wear them with a gold dress if you were so inclined. Cream also looks nice with them.
Fendi Suede Swirl

These shoe boots were just so cute, I couldn't resist! The heel has been decorated to resemble snake skin, but in a gold colour. I would wear them with this outfit.
Alaia Suede Shoe Boots

I own many a pair of "evening" shoes, but I just loved these. I like the mary-jane quality about them (what you call a pump with an ankle strap), and the architectural heel. Obviously, a LBD would be the best bet for these. I tend to wear all my shoes for any occasion, however, so I wouldn't restrict these to night time. I will probably also wear them with a black skirt suit to work.
Lanvin Satin & Crystal Heels

These are obviously statement shoes. I would say the same rules apply to the first pair of Louboutins. If you wear bright shoes like this, you have to make them the statement piece of your outfit. Don't try to get all matchy-matchy and wear a yellow dress and handbag as well. You'll end up looking like a banana. You could, however, wear them with black or white (or even a nice shade of grey), and pair them with a yellow/black/white/grey scarf.
Christian Louboutin Rolando 120

These are an everyday shoe and are super comfortable. They're a clog-style mule, and are a comfortable height. I usually wear them with a cream dress, and a jade green bag. It's ok to mix colours of handbags and shoes, as long as they are complimentary (usually on opposite sides of the colour wheel).

Dior Leather Clog

I bought these because I realised I didn't have any gold shoes. And what girl can live without a pair of gold heels?! Joking, of course. I'm sure many can. I have a few pairs of black and gold heels, but nothing just plain metallic. I have recently purchased a midnight-blue gown, and that is the reason for the purchase of these heels. I didn't really have anything that would go with them. But you could also pair these with an LBD, or even some more "party" colours, like pink, green, purple, etc.
Oscar de la Renta Metallic Nappa Platforms

These were purchased just after McQueen died, but I'd had my eye on them before that. I love the deep blue colour, and the heart-shaped peep toe is just so adorable! You can't wear these without a pedicure though, as there is quite a lot of toe showing. To make them even better, they have blue soles, too! You can wear these with black/white/cream or even pink or purple.
Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pumps

I purchased these about 2 days before he died, and was very glad I did, as they sold out within a few minutes of his death. Everyone was trying to buy up everything from his second last collection. They are statement shoes, so again, make them the focus of your outfit. A black dress with them is great, and if you happen to have a yellow handbag, that would also be ok. This clutch would be even better, but I doubt you'll ever find it in Australia (you can't ship skins into Australia without an import/export licence). I have worn them recently with a black dress and a black handbag with a black and yellow scarf tied to it.

Alexander McQueen Geometric Leather Pumps

I realised I didn't really have any classic black pumps. Well, I do have some cheap black pumps, but they're a fabric shoe instead of leather. I have previously not bought a pair because I always figure if I'm going to spend so much on a shoe, I may as well get something worthwhile. I mean, you can get classic black pumps anywhere. But in the end, I caved and bought these simple black pumps. You can pretty much wear them with anything, which makes them a great investment piece. You'll definitely get your money's worth from them.

Christian Louboutin 100 Jazz

I have only just purchased these, and they haven't arrived yet. I found them on a designer outlet site, and they were so ridiculously discounted, I just had to buy them. Plus, they're amazingly pretty. I haven't worked out what to wear them with yet, but black, white, cream, gold, purple, etc would be very nice with them. Even a jade green would work well.
John Galliano Leather Cutout Sandles

I don't own these, but they are on my wishlist. Sadly, I will never have them unless I move to the UK. They are python skin and can't be shipped to Australia. I just love the skull detail on the front, and surprisingly, don't own any brown shoes. I think they would work great with a cream dress, or even jeans and funky t-shirt.
Alexander McQueen Python Skull Pumps

These are also on my wish list. I love the fish scale effect of the leather, and they would look fantastic on a night out with a LBD. They'd also go amazingly well with just about everything else. You could even jazz up a jeans outfit with them, and carry a little silver clutch to take you from day to night.
Christian Louboutin Poseidon Peep Toe Pumps

These are also on my wishlist. I know what you're thinking. They're a hot mess. But I love interesting shoes, and these are certainly a statement! A statement of what, I'm not sure. But I do love them. They're sort of half stripper/half work of art. I don't think there is much you could wear them with though. It would be LBD all the way. These are definitely a shoe which would be the dominant part of your outfit.
Versace Intrecciata Metal Platforms

And now the boys can breathe a sigh of relief, as that ends today's broadcast day! This completely pointless and vapid post brought to you by the Queen of Inappropriate Shoes.


Pepsi said...

Puss - I am very frightened. Impressed, but frightened.

I dont get the shoe thing, I dont knock it, I just dont get it. But theres alot of things about chicks that I dont get.

I have alot of sympathy for blokes who like chicks.

The blue ones are a pretty colour.

squib said...

I hope you have podiatry as an extra on your health insurance, Puss

I wouldn't wear any of those (though the blue ones take my fancy just a little bit)

Perseus said...

My favourites are the ones in the Richmond Footy Club colours (the geometrics). You could wear them to the footy with me as we watch Richmond lose, like we did last night, badly.

My second favourite is the crystal heel.

I can see the appeal of these shoes, but I can't help it... chicks in boots (Blundstones, RMs, Docs) do it for me more.

Perseus said...

The Galliano cutout sandals are the worst.

Puss In Boots said...

Pepsi - Why frightened? Heaps of my friends aren't into shoes either. I think I like them because even if you put on a little bit of weight, you can still fit your shoes!

Squib - I only have hospital cover. I saw a podiatrist last year and she said all was well. Other than my incredibly short calf muscles. You wouldn't wear them because you think they're ugly, or you're not a high heel person? I only own one pair of flat shoes.

Perseus - You think the Gallianos are worse than the Versaces?! Are you insane? What's wrong with the Gallianos?

squib said...

I wouldn't wear them because a) I'm too old and b) Mr Squib is 1cm shorter than me as it is

Perseus said...

The Versaces are, as you say, half-stripper, half-art... I like them for that reason, whereas the Gallianos look like a kid in Grade 1 scribbled on the wall in texta, and Galliano turned the scribble into a shoe.

I don't like the de la Renta Metallic Platforms much either. Like a Cheezel, there's too much air, not enough product.

Pepsi said...

They are so high.

They look like murder weapons.

Do you teeter or do you strut Puss? You have to strut if you wear those things dont you, teetering doesnt quite work.

WitchOne said...


I have fallen in love with you Puss.

More to the point, your taste in shoes is perfect.

This has made my day. :-)

Perseus said...

Hands off, Witchie. I saw her first.

Puss In Boots said...

Squib - You have just described one of my worst nightmares. I would hate to be with someone I couldn't wear high heels around.

Perseus - I guess you're right. I still love the Gallianos though.

Pepsi - All of my heels are about 10cm or higher. I have a height complex. I just walk normally. I'm used to them now, after 10 years of practice. I do strut in some of them though. The pink Louboutins and the black & yellow McQueens get a lot of attention when I wear them, so I do tend to strut in those!

Witchie - I'm glad to have made you happy! And I'm glad you share my taste in shoes!

Anonymous said...

Ever see a middle-aged women who's worn high heels all her life?

She has huge, over-muscled calves, her big buttocks poke out back, her pelvis tilts forward and down, spilling her gut out, unconstrained by her long-departed core postural strength, and her shoulders are thrust unnaturally back to compensate her lack of balance.

They really are the most ridiculously self-harming fashion item - but I suppose history is littered with stupid women doing stupid harmful things to their body in the name of fashion - corsets, boob implants, etc.

patchouligirl said...

I do like the colour of the blue ones but unfortunately not for me for three compelling reasons.

1. My husband is an inch and a half shorter than me before I put on shoes.

2. Plantar faciitis (probably misspelled) which is medical speak for "wear orthoheels all the time or have sore heels all the time".

3. I have size 10 feet and don't really want to draw attention to them by wearing statement shoes. Size 10 feet are enough of a statement. Husband has been known to steal my Blundstones (back when I could wear them).

Anonymous said...

I find this kind of stuff a fascinating curiosity since I get about in the sort of thing that Perseus would describe as ideal feminine footwear. This is almost like looking at a beautifully crafted thumbscrew, or something. What are your one pair of low-healed shoes like Puss?

Puss In Boots said...

Boogey, have you ever seen antique footwear? I went to a clothes/shoe museum in Madrid, and it was fascinating. Women back in the 16th/17th/18th century used to cram their feet into the tiniest shoes imaginable, because it was more feminine to have small feet. Essentially, they'd train their feet from when they were a small child. I doubt I could even fit my hand into some of those shoes.

And the men weren't much better. They would wear shoes with such ridiculously long toes that they had strings from the tips, and they would tie the toe to their knees so they could walk around (like extreme elf shoes). Extreme points were the fashion, and they'd end up narrowing their foot at the toes over time.

Patch - again, my worst nightmare. I know it sounds vapid, but really, shoes give me such great pleasure. I consider them works of art.

Alex - they're just black and white brocade-style ballet flats, with a black bow on the front. I wear them in the car mostly, because I can't drive in heels, and then put my heels on before I get out.

WitchOne said...

One thing I can do very well is drive in heels. Walking, at times, can be nasty though; especially if I feel self conscious.

Anonymous said...

This is the first chance I've had to look at these at a decent resolution. The Alaia Suede Shoe Boots make me think of The Wizard Of Oz for some reason, and the Christian Louboutin Poseidon Peep Toe Pumps kind of make me feel hungry.

Apart from driving, is there ever a time when you find high heels a hindrance, Puss? Do you wear these things when you're just doing stuff around the house?

Puss In Boots said...

I only find them a hindrance if I ever have to attend something outdoors, on grass. Like a garden wedding, for instance. I hate those things. I hate the outdoors enough as it is, but if I can't wear heels, I hate it even more.

And generally, my house is a shoes-off zone, but occasionally I will wear them around the house. If I'm catering a dinner party, I will generally have to put heels on after a while. The reason is my feet hurt if I stand flat for too long, so I put heels on and I instantly have another few hours of endurance in the kitchen.

Melba said...

Wow Puss.

Also I note everyone is commenting on the size of the heels.

Am I the only one to know how much these lovelies cost?

Fuck Puss! You must be fucking loaded.

I know that's terribly declasse to say, but it's not like we're across from each other at a posh dinner.

The only other thing I want to say is:

What size are you?

Leilani said...

Puss, are you seriously saying that you are more comfortable in heels than standing in bare feet? I always thought women were bullshitting when they said that.

Quirkette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eat my shorts said...

Christ. Those are some fancy shoes. Here I was chuffed with the Cons I bought the other day.

Maybe one day I'll wear grownup shoes.


Anonymous said...

Puss, are you seriously saying that you are more comfortable in heels than standing in bare feet? I always thought women were bullshitting when they said that.

Yeah, me too.

WitchOne said...

Melba, I know how much they cost as well, hence I buy my shoes from Targey, Ruby shoes and some cheap fashion footwear place. All of mine are bad rip offs of what Puss owns and I don't care!

Puss In Boots said...

Well, I don't normally buy that many at once, but I've just sold a shit load of stuff on Ebay, so I reinvested it into my wardrobe. I would only normally buy one pair of shoes a month in that price range. But those are my purchases since November, so I guess it's not that bad. Works out at 2.2 pairs a month.

I'm a size IT38 in shoes. Mostly because I have wider feet, so I go up a size. Otherwise I'd be a 37.

And yes, I am seriously saying I am more comfortable in heels than bare feet. My heels and ankles start killing me if I stand up in flat shoes or bare feet for longer than an hour. I wasn't joking when I said I have to wear heels if I'm cooking in the kitchen for long periods of time. Maybe some other women are joking/bullshitting when they say that, but for me it's true.

EMS - I think Cons are great! I wish I could pull off that look. I just look weird in flat shoes, though. And I can't walk properly. I tend to waddle in flat shoes. I'm not used to walking in them!

eat my shorts said...

I waddle, but I don't think it's my shoes. I come from a long line of waddlers. I blame my mother's side of the family for that.

eat my shorts said...

I forgot to say which ones I like. And that's a very important thing to do while I'm procrastinating from applying for jobs & suchlike.

I like the blue Alexander McQueen ones & I like the silver fish scale look ones.

The Alexander McQueen python skull pumps are all kinds of awesome as well.

patchouligirl said...

I can't really get around barefoot either - with timber floors it irritates my heels so I live in orthoheel slip-ons even at home. I'd be alright on carpet but can't live with carpet - it just seems so unhygienic to have flooring you can't wash regularly.

Puss In Boots said...

EMS, I dearly want those skull shoes. *sigh* I've tried asking the place where I buy most of my things, but they're not interested in obtaining an export licence for them. I can't say I blame them really. It's a lot of hassle for one pair of shoes.

wari lasi said...

Sorry, but I'm with Pepsi, I just don't get the shoe thing. It's definitely a female thing though, Emma is seriously into them at nearly 9. And the ex was into matching Bally (I think) shoes and bags, they were seriously expensive.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I have three pairs of shoes - all black.

I don't know which brands they are.

I did once have four pairs but - you know - that way madness lies, so I got rid of one pair.

patchouligirl said...

How tall are you Puss? I've noticed a correlation with shorter women and higher heels which seems logical. I'm over 5'7" - another reason I've shied away from heels. You should've seen the sandals I wore to my wedding - they had about a 1/2 cm heel on them, while we got hubby into Blundstones with an inch and a half heel to try and prop him up a bit ha ha.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I think Puss has previously confirmed she's a short-arse, Patchie.

patchouligirl said...

Oh well it all makes sense then.

Puss In Boots said...

Yep. I'm 5'2" and have a height complex. I need all the help I can get. My average heel height is 10cm, but I have some 12s and 14s as well. So I usually appear about 5'6" or 7". People are generally shocked at how short I am when I take my shoes off.

Anonymous said...

Did we just get spammed by a podiatrist? What a heel.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a good lower leg related gag, so I'll just register my general disbelief here. Things must be tough in the Victorian foot-doctoring world at the moment.

Puss In Boots said...

I really wouldn't dignify this post with the title of 'article'!

Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short, Puss. It even made Ramon's yearly highlight roundup thingy, after all.

Anonymous said...

What's this little trash can icon here... woops, did I just click on that? Toodle-ooh, spamming physicians of the feet.

Felcy said...

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