Friday, March 18, 2011

A PSF to cheer you up in these dark times


She's my only true love
she's all that I think of
look here in my wallet
that's her
She grew up on a farm there
there's a place on my arm
where I've written her name
next to mine
you see I just can't
live without her
and I'm her only boy
and she grew up outside McHenry
in Johnsburg, Illinois


Kettle said...

That's very nice, Ramon.

Makes me want to tattoo Mr Kettle's name on my arm.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You could just write it in with Texta, Kettle.

Do they still make Textas?

Kettle said...

Or biro, Ramon; takes me back to high school.

Textas - yes. We have 16 million of them at home. I bet Squib has more.

squib said...

I have been cleaning out LittleSquib's room. Oh my Lord, what a bottomless pile of textas and crap

As soon as LS got home she wanted to know where her robot was. So we had to retrieve it from the wheelie bin

And why would you get Mr kettle's name when you could have a pteranodon?

Anonymous said...

Get Mr Kettle's name written across the wings of a pteranodon.

You threw away her robot? You are a harsh woman. Harsh.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

she wanted to know where her robot was

I think we all want to know where our robots are.

Where's my robot, you BASTARDS!!

*Shakes angry fist at an uncaring sky*

Lewd Bob said...

I said I was having some technical difficulties with it, Ramon. It will be with you by COB Monday.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...


You mean I have to fetch my own beer until Monday!?

Puss In Boots said...

You could always try to train the cat next door...

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

The cat next door is - shall we say - indisposed

squib said...

Did you run over the cat, Ramon?

Alex, it's worse than that. It was homemade by LittleSquib from a big box and some paper doilies

eat my shorts said...

I wish I had a homemade robot.

That's a very sweet poem Ramon, and a very cute picture to accompany it.

Something isn't sitting quite right.

Where is the real Ramon and what have you done with him?

Anonymous said...

*gasp* The neighbour's cat has switched places with Ramon. Bob, that robot isn't for beer.

Come to think of it, I made a robot when I was little, too. It also got thrown away when I wasn't home. You're a bad lady, Squib.

Melba said...

Why did the opening of that poem remind me of My Last Duchess?

How is everyone? Been a while...

Anonymous said...

Kettle, I thought you might like some stimulus material for your texta tatts*.

*And, I needed to do something fun before the weekend ended.