Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Midweek Rant

"Abbott doesn't believe in climate change but he's offering tax cuts!"

What the fuck's the matter with swinging voters? Get a fucking opinion. Have a philosophical angle. Do they take absolutely no notice of the three years of government and opposition policy and only tune in during an election campaign, when politicians start offering personal incentives and are even more full of shit than usual? They should be voting on greater philosophical and political questions rather than waiting for which side's going to give them a bigger hand out.

For fuck's sake. Pick a side.


Channel 10. What a bunch of arseholes. They roll out The 7pm Project under the guise of 'news', featuring comedians pretending they know shit about stuff, a few doctor types with 3 day growths and square jaws and Steve Fucking Price. Then they think "well, now we've got Steve Price, let's also dumb down George Negus and give him a Today Tonight style show and, while we're at it, hell, let's give that old fact-distorter Andrew Bolt his own show."

His. Own. Show.

What the fuck.


I bet PJ Harvey isn't a swinging voter and doesn't watch Channel 10 cos she's ace.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

That's some quality ranting Bob but I wonder if political disengagement isn't due in some small part to the absolutely shit way the political process is handled by the media.

Also - I really must buy Let England Shake

Anonymous said...

I once heard someone say that the problem with compulsory voting is that elections are decided by people who don't know or care at all about politics. There might be some truth to that. Of course, I don't think politicians make it easy with policy positions that, to me, seem designed to appeal to everyone. Sticking with climate change, you've got Tony Abbott's "real action against something that doesn't exist", countered by Julia Gillard's "we're having a price on carbon -- no, wait, we're having a public forum, then a price -- actually, fuck that, we're not having a price on carbon -- except now I didn't say that and we were always having it but there'll be enough compensation that no one will notice". And then there's both sides' "tough and compassionate" approach to asylum seekers, their stance on middle-class welfare, and so on and so on. I think there might also be a problem with having a news-media that, as far as I can tell, is compelled to hammer everything into the biggest catastrophe, in order to get the biggest audience, in order to attract the biggest advertiser dollars, in order to pay the biggest share-holder dividends.* But what the fuck can you do about any of it?

*Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Lindsay Tanner's book; either in large print or as a download that doesn't require bloody Adobe Editions?

Also, I don't watch channel 10, but I think Andrew Bolt getting his own show is wonderful. It means he's no longer fouling up my Sundays by coming on Insiders, constantly interrupting, talking over the top of everyone, and going on and on while intermittently yelping "Let me finish, let me finish!" On another note, has anything come about regarding that court case yet?

I liked the song, too, by the way.

squib said...

I've swung before but only from Labor to Green to Labor - I would never swing further than that

Andrew Bolt *shudder* I'm so glad I don't watch the telly anymore (except for Doctor Who - Matt Smith is my favourite timelord)

patchouligirl said...

A lot of traditional Labor voters swung in the last NSW election and I don't think it was a last minute decision at all. Not that O'Farrell looks like being much good - they are all crap.

Lewd Bob said...

the absolutely shit way the political process is handled by the media

there might also be a problem with having a news-media that...is compelled to hammer everything into the biggest catastrophe

Most certainly. I love the Herald Sun particularly. What a wonderful satire of modern media. And to think, people actually think it's serious! Ha!

Can you swing further than the greens, squib?

Oh wait, Stephen Jolly.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You have to love a song that starts "Goddamn Europeans".