Thursday, November 27, 2008

This one is too easy

A quick competition, comrades.

A crate of Cooper's Ale to the first TSFKAer who can find the suggestion that the vicious fascists who have murdered scores in the Indian bombings are in fact "brave freedom fighters against western imperialism".

Try looking here.

Back tomorrow.


squib said...

I don't even like Coopers

Melba said...

I haven't clicked on the link yet, but is it al Jazeera?

Going to click now.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I weep for you, squib.

I really do.

catlick said...

I'd be able to claim that prize if I could get through the Pilger Filter on my computer. And Squib, is it me, or does your iced vo-vo look more vulval lately?

Mr E Discharge said...

International Terrorism discovers outsourcing. Can't wait to see how the IMF spin this.

squib said...

Ramon, Coopers tastes like dirty dishwater

Catlick, a lot of people think that. It's a kind of biscuit ink-blot

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You're dead to me, squib.

Dead. To. Me.

Catlick, your computer has a John Pilger filter?

Smart computer.

Melba said...

I couldn't get through either.

wari lasi said...

Pilger hasn't come out in support of them yet, but it's early days yet.

wari lasi said...

I shouldn't have used the word "yet" twice in the same sentence, but I did.

I don't mind the sludge in Coopers, but it's a bit sweet for my liking.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

For those unable to get through to the John Pilger website, let me summarise.

"I'm John Pilger and I'm great.

"Everybody who disagrees with me is stupid and mad and stooges* of the CIA.

"And did I mention how I'm great mates with very important people like Hugo Chavez.

"Me, me, me, John Pilger."

* Not the band.

Perseus said...

Pilger's done nothing worthwhile since East Timor. In fact he's done only damage ever since. But I defend his East Timor stuff.

I cannot however defend his hairstyle, which has not changed since the late 70s.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Pers, in How Mumbo-jumbo conquered the world, there's a nice quote from Pilger about how the Australian-led intervention force in East Timor was in fact a cunning plot to keep East Timor within Indonesia.

But agree with you about his earlier stuff.

Oh and about the hair, as well.

Aesophia said...

Yay! The communist ahs returned :)

Missed you heaps!

And I don't know what everyone else is complaining about, but I love Coopers. One of my favourite back alley bars in the city sells them by the longneck for only $9 (it's only cheaper at the bottle-o people) and what with the music, atmosphere and good company, they go down very nicely thank you very much...

So... can I have a Coopers?

Perseus said...

Ah yes, I should clarify... I mean his stuff on East Timor back in the 80's and early 90's. You know, it's almost like when Australia finally did send the troops in (many years too late) he lost his schtick, and so he had to find a new angle, which was attack Australia for sending in troops after years of, er, umm, calling for Australia to, umm, send in troops. If you know what I mean.

Plus his stuff around Hawke and British Labour was very good back in the 80's.

Maybe he didn't want the Socialist Alliance girls to stop giving him headjobs* or something.

(Scurrilous gossip made up on the spot. Don't sue me.)

Aesophia said...

Alas, my bad typing 'ahs' also returned :(

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Thanks and yes indeed, Aesophia.

Cooper's all around, I say.

My favourite drinkery at the moment is the Order of Melbourne.

Rooftop beer garden and Cooper's long-necks at a very reasonable price.

Pepsi said...

I drink beer in copious amounts, its in my nature.

Coopers in copious amounts always makes me throw up.

No other beer has managed to do this.

I have no explanation for this phenomena.

I cant get in either, I work at a uni, they let us get in almost everywhere.

Perseus said...

It's a pity The Hack isn't here to protect Pilger's reputation. Hack loved Pilger. Looked up to him. Admired him greatly.

*puts helmet on and locks all doors and windows*

catlick said...

"Catlick, a lot of people think that. It's a kind of biscuit ink-blot"

Ahhh, Rorschach, the subliminal illustrator of the psychological sub text. Who could want for anything more than "sweet meats"?

catlick said...

Yesterday I had 2 icy cold pots of Cooper Pale Ale (tap, no sludge) at the Cowes RSL.
As I sat there I opined that the RSL is a natural fit for the aged care/nursing home sector. Attach sleeping facilities and hey presto, who wouldn't want to visit nana, have a chicken parma, a flutter and a coupla pots. I'm working on a similar idea for the casinos to take up the ABC child care slack.

*Sorry for the double post.

Loose Shunter said...

While I wouldn't say the murderous mob in Bombay were "brave freedom fighters against western imperialism" (a Pilgerite deviation if ever there was), I would argue that they were "brave freedom fighters against Brooke Satchwell's descent into obscurity and distortion.

Can I have my case of Coopers now Ramon?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

A case of Mr Cooper's finest is winging its way to the People's Republic of Moreland even as we speak LS.