Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2005, 2009?

"Freddy" Flintoff seems rather pleased with the outcome

Late at night at Lenin House, the phone rings.

Me: “Hello”

Ponting: “Ramon, Ricky Ponting here.”

Me: “Punter! How’s it going?”

Ponting: “Could be better. Look, comrade, we’re in a bit of a hole here and I understand you’re a dab hand at spin. Could you come over and help the boys out?”

Me: “I’ll be on the next flight Punter.”

Ponting: “Thanks Ramon, you’re a mensch.”


Me: “You useless, fat idiot.”

This is shaping up to be the best Ashes series since 2005. The Second Test was an absolute cracker; tension, drama, the prospect of an unbelievable Australian victory until Freddy Flintoff came roaring in with the seven devils of hell behind him.

I’m almost vomiting with excitement*.

Bring on Edgbaston!

*Yes, Squib, excitement.


Melba said...

Difference between my fantasies and Ramon's:

1. mine never involved a cricket ball.

2. Ramon's never involved a Clooney.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Jim Clooney, the captain of the Middlesex county cricket squad, Melba?

squib said...

I give up on the telly, I do. Sport. Sport. Cricket. Sport. Luckily I have the Count to tide me over for another 700 pages

Pepsi said...

Dear Mr Ponting,

Stuart Clark for the 3rd test please.



Melba said...

That's the one. See, my fantasies are a little more specialist than yours.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You're missing a great Ashes series, Squib.

Is Mr Squib watching?

Perseus said...

What was Pup thinking? It was a full toss, by a spinner!

Pepsi - who's out if Clark comes in? Personally, I'd be rotating batsmen not bowlers. Hussey out, McDonald or White in.

Hussey's got OCD anyway... have you noticed him incessantly prodding the pitch with his bat after every single ball?

And let's face it... Hughes is struggling as well, but he's only 20 so maybe he needs to stay.

Ponting's first innings out was a disgrace, and if the third umpire had've just mentioned he didn't actually hit it, maybe he would've stayed there a lot longer. That decision changed the test.

But anyway, Tour de France is going to be more awesome this week than just about any other sporting event. For the next five days, cricket is irrelevent.

squib said...

No. Cricket is one of those things you get out at Christmas time, if you have the room

Also our dog doesn't like the sound it makes

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Pers, the problem seems to be with the bowling, CF. Cardiff.

Just as well you've got TSFKA to bring you all the cricket news you need, eh Squib.

Perseus said...

Mitchell's been down, granted, but he's too good to drop. Siddle and Hilfenhaus have done nothing wrong, but if you bring in S.Clarke one of them will have to go. Hauritz is the token spinner, and you have to have one on English pitches. Maybe drop Hauritz for an all-rounder like McDonald.

Pepsi said...

I'd go Siddle for the chop.

May of done nothing wrong, but not done enough right either. One or two wickets an innings isnt enough.

Perseus said...

Typical New South Welshwoman. "Drop the Victorian!"

Pepsi said...

I always go for quality.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Hussey's got OCD, Johnson's got a bad case of the heebie-jeebies and Punter's a useless, fat idiot.


wari lasi said...

It was just depressing, at least we didn't have to stay up too late.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Freddy went through us like a high-fibre lentil burger.

Fad MD said...

Johnson's action is shot to shit. When he's bowling well he's got a good high action, but now he's gone all round-arm.

Hauritz bowled well in the first test then dislocated his finger on the first day of this one. Maybe he'll be the one to drop if he can't tweak it.

wari lasi said...

Off topic warning.

Ramon, ever since I rubbished Bernard Keane he keeps coming up with gems. Today's Climate Change article is a beauty.

a strange man who is in a political grouping of two -- he and the deity he worships


Pepsi said...

A tribute to Punter from a Pom.......bless.


WitchOne said...

I do love the comma placement, it made things very clear, PONTING is not fat but his idiocy definitely is.

Dr. Golf said...

Having not watched a ball on account of living in Toronto; here are my thoughts.

Drop "Mr Cricket" for "Ronald" McDonald, just to bring him down a peg and give the tabloids a larf.

Rotate Lee for Hauritz (if he is more than half fit). Did well in the praccie match and gives a bit more with the bat than does Clarke.

Throw convention out the window. Dont play a spinner if you dont have one. Ron can get throught the overs just as quickly if the game requires it.