Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is it another year already? Crikey!

Senator John Faulkner - a credit to all concerned!

Well, this blog has stumbled through another year and what a wild old topsy turvey/roller coaster/Malcolm Turnbull sort of year it’s all been.

Some highlights for me include;

  • After what seemed an eternity of love-gumbyiness, Perseus has finally ended up with more hot rumpy-pumpy than one could poke a stick at,
  • Puss revealed the extend of her slightly disturbing obsession with shoes and hand-bags,
  • Everybody’s favourite poster, EMS, toddled off to the one place colder than Hobart and unleashed her hitherto unsuspected political reportage skills.

But in what was surely a Lost style moment of revelation, Alex was unmasked as a chick.


Bet you didn’t see that one coming!!

I can only speculate that the creator of this blog, Stubbadub, has retreated into some “Mister Kurtz” style madness, peering at his creation from time to time only to mutter “the horror, the horror”.

Also – my local Labor Commonwealth MP just rang, wanting to know if I would have a “Vote Labor” sign in my front yard for the federal election.

Things are afoot!


Anonymous said...

This reminds me, Ramon: Lately I've been hearing about how Lindsay Tanner could lose his seat at the coming election. Please tell me it's just media hype.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Yes, it's just media hype.

The Greens make this prediction on a regular basis and it's mostly bollocks.

Jamie said...

Congrats, one and all, on your annimaversary. Keep fighting the good fight...

Alex, Tanner might find himself in trouble because of the rise of The Greens and the dissatisfaction many leftoids feel about Heavy Kevvie's performance since '07.

Jamie said...

Also, what Ramon said...

Perseus said...

Yay, us!

Though my October 2009 'All's Well That Ends' post, reaching 215 comments created a TSFKA record, it was a poorly written and pathetic post.

I would like to nominate Puss's March 26 shoe post as 'Post Of The Year'.

The internet has seen nothing like it before or since. I especially liked Pepsi's opening comment on the post: "I am frightened."

I would also like to nominate Kitten for 'most bizarre comment thread' of the year, for a) her assertion that asking girls on dates is sexual harrassment (even when they say yes, and even though she admitted she liked to have orgies with footy players), and b) that there exists some magical singles club where you are guaranteed to find one's life partner, but she won't tell us where or what it is. For once, Boogeyman and I sided.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Kitten really did provide an impressive level of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Leftoids who are dissatisfied with Kruddy are still going to preference him over The Mad Monk though, aren't they? I mean, it's not like the Greens are actually going to win the seat, right?

Also, I'd like to nominate for some sort of prize that post Ramon did about the giant squids. The one that was inspired by Kitten's magical single's club.

Jamie said...

If enough Lefties gang up with The Greens in inner suburban seats, though, pollies like Tanner might come under pressure. A similar scebario confronted Bronwyn Pike in Victoria four years ago, and Labor wasn't on the nose then as now.

Perseus said...

I just re-read all of Kitten's comments. They are even weirder in hindsight.

1. The magical singles club, that she can't tell us about.

2. Her assertion that asking a woman on a date is sexual harrassment (some of us agreed that asking more than once could be such, but she wouldn't budge on the original asserion).

3. She's had so much bizarre sex that she could write a best-seller, but her sex life was so bizarre nobody would believe it is was true.

4. She asserted that men cannot be friends with attractive women.

5. She laments that she is so beautiful because of all the problems it has caused her.

6. Because she was raped many years ago, none of us were allowed to debate her on any of the above.

Mr E Discharge said...

Could I propose a moments silence to honour a man whose tireless efforts have been a major driving force behind this site and its earlier incarnations?

Ladies and Gentlemen and Alex,
a moments silence for noted Melbourne Barrister and Aerial Photographer, Walter Jeremy Sear!

Melba said...

My standout moments (in order of awesomeness, and I'm not looking back, so this is from memory):

1. Alex being revealed as a girl.

2. The many posts from Perseus about his (love)life.

That is all.

Actually, the series of music posts Perseus did. I watched them all on New Years Eve. Memorable.

AND most of Bob's funny dialogue posts.

I miss Bob.

And anything squib did. Apart from the changing your name thing. Soz.

Kettle said...

Thanks for the Faulkner photo, Ramon; made my day. Sometimes I don't know who's hotter: Faulkner or Ben Whishaw.

squib said...

Ahem. The giant squid pictures and PSF have been very excellent. Also, TSFKA is always educational. Thank goodness I now know whether my husband is circumcised or not. Good job everyone!

Puss In Boots said...

You couldn't tell, squib??

squib said...

It's a lot harder than you think, Puss

squib said...

Whoops. Freudian slip

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Glad we've cleared that up for you, Squib.

Sometimes I don't know who's hotter: Faulkner or Ben Whishaw.

Quite so Kettle.

Why Senator Faulkner hasn't been cast as the lead role in more films about Keats is a mystery to me.

Puss In Boots said...

Interesting. I've seen a fair amount in my time. Can't say I was ever confused.

Ramon, there are films about Keats?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Do you want to enlighten her Kettle, or shall I?

catlick said...

Now that we know Alex (teh hottness) is a girl, can we confirm if kettle is black?

Oh and happy anniversary everyone. This is the place I visit to converse with some bright people I admire. As a source of thoughtful discourse "MeatWorld" is vastly over rated.

Melba said...

That's right, squib. I remember that. I confess I'm with Puss. Unless he's always got a stiffy(sorry, that's a bit frank) (lucky you) then you would know. Wouldn't you?

But we've been through all this, haven't we.

Anonymous said...

Alex (teh hottness)

I think I'm blushing, Catlick (though I reckon you're not too bad yourself), and I agree: I've never found wholesale butchers a great place for thoughtful discourse either. But then, I didn't even know they had a reputation as such.

Also Puss, I guess that if you've seen a lot of them, you've probably got a better eye for it.

Caroline said...

My reappearance on this site on its two year fucking anniversary is entirely coincidental, and now that I am aware of this, I am vowing to fuck off for another two years. Or maybe 10. Who knows. They brought Hey Hey back from the dead, so anything is possible. Regardless, I wish you ill health and a swift demise for the next year. xoxoxo.

patchouligirl said...

Happy Anniversary TSFKA! If you ever relocate please take me with you. Did Bob go somewhere?

Kettle said...

Do you want to enlighten her Kettle, or shall I?

Ooh ooh! I'll take this one, Ramon.

Dear Puss, there is at least one film about Keats, the rather dull Bright Star with the seriously hot Ben Whishaw (oh and that skanky malanky Abbie Cornish). It's a film best viewed with the sound down and your index finger busy on the fast forward button so you can skip past all those pesky scenes with other (screen-wasting) actors and just enjoy the bits with Ben.

Oh for a draught of vintage [Ben]! that hath been
Cool'd a long age in the deep-delved earth,
Tasting of [Ben] and the country-green,
Dance, and Provencal song, and sunburnt [Ben]!
O for a beaker full of the warm [Ben]!

Ok I'll stop now.

It's a lot harder than you think, Puss

Squib, gold.

Now that we know Alex (teh hottness) is a girl, can we confirm if kettle is black?

Alex, you've had some experience with these questions lately. Any advice?

Dr. Golf said...

Ceeeelebrate good times, come-on!

Anonymous said...

Kettle, I advise you to go somewhere or do something and not bother to check the site for a week or so. Everyone will have completely forgotten about it by the time you get back.

Melba said...

Yeah that so worked, Alex!

I saw Bright Star. I agree with your review, Kettle, but can't agree on Ben W.

I know Keats was consumptive, but a little more physical presence would have been better I think. Just a little more meat on the bones. Or taller?

It was a disappointing film for many reasons though.

Puss In Boots said...

Oh, I knew about Bright Star. You will notice I said "movies" (plural) though.

Kettle said...

Then let us rephrase your question, Puss: "Ramon, your comment about Keats movies intrigues me. I have heard there is a rather dull biopic called Bright Star starring Ben Whishaw who, I understand from Kettle (an undisputed authority on cute but consumptive waif-boys) is rather the bees knees.

Say, Ramon, are there other Keats movies, equally dull or otherwise?"

So, Ramon, what say you?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I'm pretty sure ther were a couple of films from the 1940s about Keats, J but I can't be arsed looking them up.

Kettle said...

Too busy taking calls from your local MP, eh Ramon?

eat my shorts said...

Hey Ramon, you forgot to mention my sticky 'w' key and how I bravely continued my political reporting even though I had to keep pressing the 'w' twice.

One of my favourite bits was the post from Squib about the birthday present from her father. All those books. Drool.

Happy TSFKA Anniversary everybody.

Anonymous said...

So, seeing as how you're in Europe, EMS; are you gearing up for Eurovision, or, um... not so much?

eat my shorts said...

Aaahh, errr. I missed it. I think I was watching Britain's Got Talent instead.

Apparently Britain came last in Eurovision. Which says ... something. I don't know what, but I'm sure it says something, innit.

As I type, I'm watching Peter Andre host an afternoon talk/variety show. It's hilarious.