Friday, August 13, 2010

A very special Julia-rich PSF

Whoops, wrong one!

How rich and pleasing thou, my Julia, art,
In each thy dainty and peculiar part!
First, for thy Queen-ship on thy head is set
Of flowers a sweet commingled coronet;
About thy neck a carkanet is bound,
Made of the Ruby, Pearl, and Diamond;
A golden ring, that shines upon thy thumb;
About thy wrist the rich Dardanium;
Between thy breasts, than down of swans more white,
There plays the Sapphire with the Chrysolite.
No part besides must of thyself be known,
But by the Topaz, Opal, Calcedon.


Melba said...

Tilda's got boobs.

I didn't think Tilda had boobs. Not like that, anyway.

She's awesome.

squib said...

Have you been drinking?

Alex said...

I'd say that the right undergarment goes a long way.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You talking to me or Melba, Squib?

eat my shorts said...

Oooh, saucy.

Melba said...

I just thought she was a bit more "washboardy."

And no, not drinking. Not at 4.45pm anyway and not even now.

Maybe squib was talking to you Ramon.

Alex said...

Well, here's some screen-caps of her from Orlando, which Kettle kindly recommended to me (Thank you, Kettle). Not washboardy, but not exactly what you'd expect from the photo above, either, I would say*.

*I just realised it's Friday night and I'm home alone, critiquing another woman's breasts on the internet. I don't know how I should feel about that.

eat my shorts said...

I just realised it's Friday night and I'm home alone, critiquing another woman's breasts on the internet. I don't know how I should feel about that.

Positive. I think you should feel positive about that, Alex.

I have to agree that the kind of bra makes all the difference.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I'm far more disturbed by the fact that Kettle has intimate knowledge of a website featuring "nude celebrities".

Alex said...

Thanks EMS. You're a peach (Or a plum. Plums are better than peaches, I think).

Ramon, you silly, Kettle only recommended the movie. The nudie pics came courtesy of Google. After all, we all know that the internet is for porn.

squib said...

You talking to me or Melba, Squib?

Bedizened Julia and celebrity breast appreciation, naturally both of you

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Watching Burn after reading I kept thinking "why is Julia Gillard being such a bitch"?

Puss In Boots said...

Watching Burn After Reading, I kept wondering why people were laughing. So unfunny.

In other news - I am engaged! Yay me! Now I can officially start planning the wedding I have been planning for the last year or so! Wahoo!

Alex said...

Congratulations, Puss. I'm sure Perseus will be devastated.

patchouligirl said...

Congratulations Puss, I expect this will be an extravaganza of a wedding.

Mr E Discharge said...

Congratulations Puss!

eat my shorts said...

Congratulations Puss!

eat my shorts said...

Jinx, Mr E.

Alex said...

I expect this will be an extravaganza of a wedding.

Ooh yes, do we get to have a "wedding extravaganza" post?

Kettle said...

Congrats Puss! Let us know when you set the date.

Alex, hope you enjoyed Orlando. Have you read the book? It's infinitely better than the movie (and may even have plums - I can't remember).

Ramon, does it really surprise you that I might have knowledge of a website that features celebrity nudity? Sure I've not been searching for Tilda's boobs but don't you think it would be fun to find photos of Ben Whishaw's bits? Or Senator Faulkner's? In fact, I might do that now...

By the way you Melbourne folk, your city ROCKS. Went to the Peacock Inn today but didn't see you, Ramon, OR the classy Melba (not that I know what either of you look like, but no-one wandered past me and whispered 'Kettle?' out the side of their Labor-esque mouth).

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Mazel tov, Puss!

What shoes will you be wearing?

patchouligirl said...

I'm tipping there will be dress regs for this one. The menu will be fancy, no bbq chickens, mandatory use of cutlery. That pretty much rules out the whole population of Newcastle from the guest list.

squib said...

Exciting times, Puss! Congratulations

Kettle, you should have been looking for shifty lemon smuggling types

靜錢錢錢怡錢錢錢錢 said...

Poverty tries friends...................................................................

Melba said...

Congratulations Puss.

Do like a wedding myself. Or even hearing all about one.

Yay you.

Melba said...

Can I clarify then squib. I think Tilda IS awesome, but not specifically boobwise. I was just commenting on how she has them in that pic.

WitchOne said...

Why on earth would a troll post about poverty when Puss is engaged??


So, congrats Puss, I'm so happy for you. I'm also glad to hear you are planning the wedding, when Velvet proposed to me I expressed a small demand that he plan the wedding. That was over 3 years ago now so I'm just hoping it happens before I die after all, we already have the children so it's a bit late for that.

In other news, Pers, Kate Mac and I are planning another night out, you coming?

I'm employed, you all care don't you? Well, I am employed, with 3 other employers just waiting for me to say yes so they too can me redundant. Great word that one. Boosts the ego.

Puss In Boots said...

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone!

As soon as I have firmer plans, I will do a wedding post, if you really want me to. I will try my hardest not to make it boring! Details so far:

-last Saturday in September next year
-the ceremony and reception venue are the same place, and it's quite a quirkly little place, but suits our personalities
-we're sticking to tradition on some things, but things we don't care about are getting left out (I don't want flowers everywhere, for instance - just bouquets and buttonholes, and that's it). The cake will be a cupcake tower.
-I've already planned the menu, but am stuck on the vegetarian entree. The other dishes are: scallops on cauliflower puree, with buerre blanc, truffle oil and micro salad (everyone gets this entree unless they are vegetarian or allergic to seafood); eye fillet with port reduction, truffle mash, and seasonal vegetables or tarragon; mustard chicken breast with a wild mushroom cream, truffle mash and seasonal vegetables; probably a mushroom cream pasta for vegetarians, but I haven't made my mind up for them either. Dessert will be the cupcakes, maybe with some ice cream.
-flowers are calla lillies
-colours are ivory and green (the same green as the calla lilly stems), and a very light pink for highlights
-my dress is being made by a Brisbane designer
-the boys are wearing morning suits (grey pinstripe pants)
-the buck's party is in Las Vegas
-the hen's party hasn't been sorted yet
-a lot of the costs will be spent on the photographer, because we both want a really good one
-we're also having a photo booth for guests to take their photos, and then stick in the guest book
-the wedding dance is very non-traditional, but i can't reveal details just yet!
-we can't decide on the honeymoon destination. we both want to go to Europe, but that would be a lot of moving around, and we both would like to just relax somewhere like the maldives or bora bora, but that might get boring after too long. So we're still deciding.

Oh, and I'm not wearing white shoes. I will likely be wearing a bright pair of Louboutins, but I haven't found them yet.

Puss In Boots said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
老總 é放電 said...

no is happey

squib said...

Good grief, Puss. Loo-boo-whats?

Witch, congrats on job. Also, Pers is still alive? More good news

patchouligirl said...

I've never tried truffles but they are on my bucket list, along with bluff oysters. The whole thing sounds grand, especially the coloured shoes.

Someone told me years ago that white lillies represent death and are traditionally for funerals as I recall . . might be worth checking up on.

Puss In Boots said...

I just looked up the calla lily. Apparently it means 'magnificent beauty' and is associated with the 6th wedding anniversary - so I'm just a few years early!

At least it doesn't mean death!

TubularBells said...

I think the white death-representing lily is the arum lily, which is dastardly toxic and a bit of weed. Calla's are same family, different species.

patchouligirl said...

Yeah the . . lets call them "death lillies" for want of a proper scientific name, were pointed out to me growing wild on the side of a Central Coast road. They look the same as the white variety of the calla lily (photo I found on google).

So we are talking about two lillies that look the same, are related, but one signifies death and one signifies 6th anniversaries. How logical.

Melba said...

On your Louboutin hunt Puss pls keep an eye out for me:

Miss Tack Pumps, patent black, size 8. Can't find them anywhere and they would be my perfect work shoe.


eat my shorts said...

I've already planned the menu, but am stuck on the vegetarian entree. The other dishes are...

Um, I don't suppose you are in need of a taste tester? If so, I put my hand up to volunteer.

Srsly. Even the vegetarian stuff.

Pop it to me through Air Mail & I'll let you know what I think. Consider it a wedding present from me. Very kind and generous, I know.


Oh. Ok. Fair enough then.

(Aside: I'm fully supportive of a "wedding extravaganza" post - especially if it has pics of what I suspect will be incredibly fierce non-white shoes. Putting the date in my calendar as we speak - ok, not really, but I'm making a mental note to expect some serious shoe posting about a year from now.)

catlick said...

I'm astonished that you gurls can confidently buy shoes on line that fit you. You must have beautiful neat standard feet. My feet were used in the filming of Angela's Ashes.*

I didn't think Tilda had boobs. Not like that, anyway.
Orlando blooms.

re the vego menu, (the whole thing sounds delightful) I often hear vegos complain about pasta being the default vego option.
I recently prepared a 30th for 15 vegos, vegans and a late term preggo. No trouble really.... and (recognizing the constraints of commercial catering), a dish I devised is Ord River chick peas, (not tinned) tossed in a sauce, (chunky Napoli style) and served on a bed of mash with a touch of Parmigiano-Reggiano . Jus' sayin'.

*not actually true

Puss In Boots said...

It depends on the brand, Catlick, but I am generally a standard 38. If they're really tall heels, I might go up to a 38.5, because otherwise my toes get too squished from the angle of the heel. But you can always send the shoes back if they don't fit anyway. I've had to send a few pairs back for exchange.

As for the vegetarian meals, I know what you mean. I was vegan for 10 years, but I can assure you, I was always happy to eat risotto or pasta over some other options. Most chefs seem to think vegetarians only eat eggplant and capsicum.

My main issue is that I want the vegetarian food to resemble the other dishes, in both look and cuisine. However, since the other dishes are French-based, and the French don't really do vegetarian, that's why I'm stuck.

I don't want to do anything with eggplant, capsicum, tomatoes, etc, because the other dishes don't have anything like that in them. So yeah, I'm kind of stuck.

Melba said...

Oh Puss just realised you might be clashing with the AFL grand final...

May not be a problem for you. You
are up north aren't you?

AND I used to be a size 38, feet get bigger after you have a baby.

(Prophylaxis for shoe-lovin' Carries the world over.)

玉韓韓韓婷韓韓韓韓 said...


Puss In Boots said...

Yeah, other people have said that. I say too bad. If someone can't give up a football match to celebrate such a momentous occasion with me, then they're obviously not a very good friend to begin with. I can only think of a couple of people who would want to watch it anyway. We're not massive fans of AFL up here.

Alex said...

Puss, are you going to have a videographer? I ask because I used to work for/with one, and considering how much people spend, I often wondered about the value of it. How many people watch their wedding videos more than once? Also, we're still getting photos of the shoe-wall too, right?

Kettle, I did enjoy Orlando; but I think it was more-so the style than the substance of it. I dunno - I think I just found it a little bit light, considering the subject matter. I thought,Tilda was pretty good, even if she didn't quite have me overflowing with admiration. I liked having ol' Zaney pop in at the end as well. *sigh, poor bugger*. Oh, and I haven't read any fiction in ages. Should really start.

Witchy, congrats on the job. And I agree, those automated spam spewing robots have no consideration at all.

Alex said...

Oh, and I haven't read any fiction in ages.

Except Squib's, obviously.

Puss In Boots said...

Yeah, we're getting a videographer. I don't think it's just about whether the couple will watch it again, but also about giving relatives/friends who couldn't make it a copy. We're only having about 60 guests, so I'm sure there will be people who are just going to receive a tape instead of an invitation. Like all my redneck relatives from Rockhampton. There is no way I'd invite them to the wedding.

Oh, and yes, the shoe wall photo is coming. It will be in a couple of weeks, after the wallpaper is up.

Fad MD said...

Congrats Puss. I like your ideas on this!

Mrs Fad and I had a non-traditional dance too. We took up the opportunity to learn to tango when we were in the Philippines and it really surprised everyone as neither of us is known for any dancing ability.

Alex said...

Ah, I see your reasoning, Puss. And yes, if it makes it easier to leave undesirables of the guest list, I guess it's well worth it.

squib said...

Alex, oh no, you didn't read it, did you? Are you the mysterious person who bought a copy?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Extra special, super-dooper, Politics Slam Friday post coming tomorrow.

patchouligirl said...

Okay I've got my "France, the beautiful cookbook" circa 1992 out. This may not help but the vegetarian entree options are:

Leek tart
Herb pie
Cheese souffle
various soups
Nicoise salad
Stuffed vegetables (eggplant etc)

And that's about it. Really, if you are going to be vegetarian you have to expect to be a bit bored.

Alex said...

Didn't I already mention that, Squib? It's on my shelf, between The Golden Deer And The Great Lion and The Works Of Rudyard Kipling. I think I'll lend it to my brother's kids when they're older and tell them it was written by a nice lady I sort-of-know from the internet. And I can't believe that I was the only person to buy a copy. It's better than some of the rubbish I've seen getting around.

Looking forward to tomorrow's post, too, Ramon. Only two more sleeps till Chris...polling day, and with Abbott charging around like some tireless undead beastie and Jules looking like she's ready to cark it, I'm getting more than a little tense. Anyone got any special plans for Saturday night?

eat my shorts said...

I'm getting my voting out of the way today so that I don't have to do it on Saturday.

I'll be up the Eiffel Tower Saturday night, I wonder if we'll know the result by then?

Alex said...

You're what, about a half a day behind over there, EMS? Unless it's pretty tight, you should have a fair idea, I imagine.

Puss In Boots said...

Patch, those about the only options I could think of, as well. I'm considering trialling a dish that is identical to the scallop dish, but using little rounds of fried polenta cake instead. I have seen recipes that combine polenta and cauliflower. I'll give it a go and see what happens. Otherwise, little leek tartlets could be an option.

As for main, I'm not sure what I can do that will go with truffle mash and seasonal vegetables, so that's why I'm thinking I'll have to do a pasta. Maybe I could do a potato gnocchi with a creamy mushroom and truffle sauce, which would sort of match the chicken dish.

patchouligirl said...

I hope everyone likes truffles/mushrooms at this wedding. What about a crepe for an entree, like spanokopita (can't be bothered googling the correct spelling but you know what I mean).

If the election is going to be such a cliff hanger, maybe we won't have a result till Sunday - or even Monday.

squib said...

It's very unusual for people to read my stuff voluntarily. I'm very touched, Alex

Puss In Boots said...

Who doesn't like truffles or mushrooms?! Crazy talk!

squib said...

Mushrooms and fungi in general make me vomit. I don't eat meat and people always assume therefore that I must lurv mushrooms. Mushrooms disgust me. I would not eat them if I was starving to death on a mushroom island

Puss In Boots said...

So Squib, what dishes would you like to eat at a wedding, which go along with:

-scallops on cauliflower puree with buerre blanc, truffle oil and micro salad
-eye fillet with port and thyme reduction, with truffle mash, seasonable vegetables
-tarragon and mustard chicken breast, with wild mushroom cream, truffle mash and seasonable vegetables

Although in the end, I realise I'm not going to please everybody, I would still like some input from some vegetarians. When I was vegan, I loved getting a pasta or risotto over some horrible eggplant thing, but I realise not everyone is the same.

squib said...

I do like a nice spud

Alex said...

I'm not a vegetarian (and don't know squat about food, really), but I do have an extreme fondness for sweet potato. Just a suggestion.

Squib, I think I might have mentioned this before as well, but I thought the foreword was possibly the most entertaining foreword I've ever read. I kind of wished you'd written the whole book using that same style.

eat my shorts said...

I would not eat them if I was starving to death on a mushroom island

Hullo. I do believe you have just described heaven, Squib.

As your adoptive daughter/butler (or whatever it was), I volunteer take all the mushrooms from your plate so you don't even have to look at them.

Can I eat them in that boat in your backyard?

Wearing a pirate hat (me, not the mushrooms)?