Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some thoughts on Sydney.

Sydney Carlton. Not Sydney, Australia.

Just back from the Harbour City with some ill-observed, intemperate observations.

• Honestly Sydney people, would it kill you to dress with a bit more style! Wandering around over the three days, it looked like everybody shopped out of a Ken Done catalogue. Sheesh!*

• I never stopped sneezing. I must be allergic to Sydney.

• Your customer service sucks, ranging as it does from cheerful but incompetent to surly and incompetent. Surly I don’t mind, but incompetent really gets my goat.

• Here’s a hint to Sydney taxi drivers. If I book your cab and say “take me to X please, I’m from Melbourne and I’m a bit vague about directions”, thrusting the street directory at me and saying “I don’t know where that is, can you look it up?” will result in me saying “I. Don’t. Know. I’m. From. Melbourne.” Only crosser.

• On the plus side, The Boy reckoned your double-decker trains were ace!

Other than that, I had an swell time!

* To counter this, I wore my “slap me, I’m from Melbourne**” outfit which consisted of black jeans, white Triple R tee-shirt and black leather-jacket.

** Nobody slapped me.


Melba said...

Those double-decker trains ARE ace.

Kettle said...

All I can say, Ramon, is at least you weren't in Canberra. You should at least thank Sydney for that.

RandomGit said...

As a resident of Canberra I'd like to offer extreme affirmation with that last comment.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

As I've mentioned before, the last time I was in Canberra, I was with a mob trying to burn down Parliament house.

Maybe I should try another visit - without the angry mob this time.

Kettle said...

Right, "Triple R tee-shirt" - and enter.

Oh, Triple R is a radio station in Melbourne. I guess if we Sydney-siders had understood the diss we would have slapped you.

Oh well, next time.

On a less dissy note, hoorah the holidays are nearly here. Ooh ooh!