Friday, December 3, 2010

A very special "my back feels much better, thank you for asking" PSF.

"Damn, I think I've dropped my keys in the water!"

Last night I lay trembling
The moon it was low
It was the end of love
Of misery and woe

Then suddenly above me
Her face buried in light
Came a vision of beauty
All covered in white

Now the bell-tower is ringing
And the night has stole past
O Lucy, can you hear me?
Wherever you rest

I'll love her forever
I'll love her for all time
I'll love her till the stars
Fall down from the sky
Now the bell-tower is ringing
And I shake on the floor
O Lucy, can you hear me?
When I call and call

Now the bell-tower is ringing
And the moon it is high
O Lucy, can you hear me
When I cry and cry and cry


Melba said...

You matched the picture to the words! Thanks.

And don't joke about keys going in water; spinning off the end of a toddler's finger. It happened to me with a rental car and it incurred all sorts of nuisance.

So your back is getting better? That's good.

Lewd Bob said...

I don't think Lucy can hear him.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It's probably a very bad line, Bob.

Or she's dead.

Possibly both.

squib said...

I was expecting Lord Tennyson. Ripped off! But that painting reminds me of the Pre-Raphaelites and that reminds me that Rossetti (who didn't paint that one of course) had pet wombats and he wrote poems about them. This is one written after one died

I never reared a young Wombat
To glad me with his pin-hole eye,
But when he most was sweet & fat
And tail-less; he was sure to die!

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I was expecting Lord Tennyson. Ripped off!

Gee, tough audience!

Pepsi said...

A print of that painting hangs on the wall of my lounge room.

Lewd Bob said...

That's actually how I picture you, Pepsi. Floating on a lake, long hair flowing, cricket stumps in the distance.


Dr. Golf said...

slight paunch

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Oddly enough, that's how I picture Alex.

Only she's in a bar, not a boat.

And she's getting ready to punch someone.

Lewd Bob said...

I still picture Alex as a guy.

Pepsi said...

Goth it up a bit Bob and add a bottle of Jack and you'd be a bit closer.

Alex, in my head, has a blonde ponytail.