Monday, February 1, 2010

What we did on the weekend.

The Boy: “Daddaddad, let’s do karate fighting in the backyard!”

Me: “Right-so, Boy.”

Some time later.

The Boy: “Daddaddad, let’s pretend to be tigers and hide in the front yard and growl at people as they walk past!”

Me: “A sage suggestion, Boy.”

Some time later again.

The Boy: “Daddaddad, let’s spin around and around until we feel sick!”

Me: “An adroit idea, Boy.”

Some time much later again.

The Boy: “Daddaddad, let’s…”

Me: “Hang on Boy; I have to lie down for a bit.”

See what you’re missing out on Puss?

That’s pretty much it for the weekend. Although I think I might have had a beer or two at some point.


Puss In Boots said...

I pretty much did all of the above with my cats. Except for the beers.

Kettle said...

Ramon those weekends are the best, lucky you. I spent Sunday morning dragging my arse up and down King Street, going from one second-hand bookshop to the next, choking down coffees as I went. Then a friend hauled me off to Bondi beach where we forced down fruit salads with berry yoghurt and baked in the sun. Now I'm exhausted and sunburnt and can't wait to get to work so the horror of the weekend will finally be over.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You did karate fighting with your cats, Puss?

And what on earth were you doing Kettle?

Puss In Boots said...

Well, it was more like half ninja/half wrestling. I hide around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, and they crouch at the top of the stairs, and then I tap my fingers on the wall, and peek around the corner. I repeat this a few times, and they try to sneak down without me knowing. Then they jump out at me (with jazz hands!) and scare me, and I grab them and wrestle with them, and then they run back up the stairs to have another go.

The small one also plays fetch.

Kettle said...

Sorry Ramon, I was just joking about how gruelling it all was. I actually had one of those weekends when my small lad was taken into the collective bosom of friends and family so I was sort of redundant in terms of mothering. So much so that by late Sunday afternoon, after bookshops and coffees and trips to the beach, I was having such karate fighting and tiger growling withdrawal issues that I've been following the poor boy around all morning; I'm sure he wishes it was still the weekend and I'd just leave him alone.

And Puss, we've been calling 'jazz hands!' 'razzle dazzle hands!'; yours is much more succinct, so much so we're gonna make the switch.

Kettle said...

Wow that all came out much more mamsy than I'd intended. Here's a few random swear words just so I'm not mistaken for a Play School presenter: dick wad, shit, silly toolhead bum crack.

There, that clears that up.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Don't worry Kettle.

We all know you're a speed-freak in real life.

just so I'm not mistaken for a Play School presenter

But Justine Clarke - woot!

squib said...

I played lots of Uno and did amazing tricks on LittleSquib's scooter. We also watched many, many episodes of Star Trek

Fad MD said...

The small one also plays fetch.

as do my kids. And they actually fetch beers, so it's win-win.

I spent most of my weekend throwing the kids around in the pool. Nothing better for wearing them out so Mrs Fad and I can have a quiet evening

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

We also played Junior Monopoly.

The Boy displayed some rather alarming attitudes towards capital accumulation - ie much gloating over the amount of Monopoly money he managed to accumulate.

squib said...

Upon getting her pencil sharpener for school LS suggested that she could sharpen pencils for people and charge them for this service

Where is Boogey these days?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I think we're doing something wrong, Squib.

patchouligirl said...

We went to my father in laws 70th birthday. The highlight for me was a chocolate fountain as dessert. They had fruit and marshmallows to dip into it and you could then roll your chocolate covered treat in crushed peanuts. I could live exclusively on this for the rest of my life.

Re kiddy news, we pulled up outside Domayne today and Jack goes "Santas house!" because it's where he had his photo with Santa last December.

RandomGit said...

I took the three little tornadoes down to the lake for a play in the park and to build some sandcastles.

It took them 20 minutes to get naked and start tear-assing around in the water, terrorising all the other kids.

*sigh* and I'd just gotten a new fishing rod too :(

Melba said...

I had an MRI, washed the dog and ripped up about 10 years of bank statements. I also found birth certificates, old share certificates and love letters.

Oh, and I ate steak and went for a walk, did loads of washing, slept in, read the papers x a billion sections and didn't drink anything much actually.

Lewd Bob said...

some rather alarming attitudes towards capital accumulation

Ramon, it sounds like your boy needs a good, sound taxing.

Melba said...

Did you pee on our lemon tree, Ramon? Surely you did that as well with the Boy?

squib said...

I hope your MRI went OK?

Melba said...

Thanks squib. Nothing serious, just old-lady-shoulder.

Anonymous said...

I'm still around, Squib, it's just that some Qld State public circuses don't believe in letting employees enjoy themselves during work hours. I can read the rss feed, but not post.

Dr. Golf said...

I watched 3 eps of Mad Men (Season 1), 2 eps of Friday Night Lights (season 4), 1 ep of The Wire (season 1), this awesome pommy reality show called Come Dine With Me and for some reason The Horse Whisperer on Sunday night.

I can't understand the hype over The Wire, I’m giving up on it. Mad Men is heaps better. I love Peggy.

Friday Night Lights is a guilty pleasure. Can East Dillon do the unthinkable and overcome the Panthers to win “State”? I sure hope so, but Coach will have his work cut out keeping Vince out of jail and weaning Luke off prescription painkillers, while overcoming his own battle with alcoholism.

Come Dine With Me is brilliant. They get 4 random people and make each host a dinner party at their house for the other 3, who each give a score out of 10. At the end of the week the winner walks away with 1000 quid. Cooking disasters, class warfare, back-stabbing, drunken flirting, CDWM has it all.

Dr. Golf said...

Can we make this a weekly affair?

Maybe called "Thank God its Monday" or perhaps "Clever ploy to lure Perseus into divulging juicy details of his sexual encounters, or lack thereof...Monday".

Puss In Boots said...

Dr Golf, Come Dine With Me has been a secret favourite of mine for a few years now. They've just brought out an Australian version on the Food channel on Foxtel. At first I thought it was going to be awful, because the English commentary is so delightful. I gave it a chance though, and thankfully the Australian voice over is just as sarcastic. You should give it a go!

Perseus said...

""Clever ploy to lure Perseus into divulging juicy details of his sexual encounters, or lack thereof...Monday".

Timing! The week just gone. Oh. My God. Ponygirl is down. There's a German. Well, two Germans and a semi-famous singer. There was enough material for a 5,000 word post, and my failures on all fronts were, if I may say so myself, fabulous. I haven't failed so much in years. Pity I don't post this stuff anymore.

WitchOne said...

Do you have a mailing list Pers? It's a little more private that way, and how do I sign up??

Mr E Discharge said...

Pity I don't post this stuff anymore.

Pity I still have A tewnty foot container of Action Figures.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Did you pee on our lemon tree, Ramon? Surely you did that as well with the Boy?

I'm waiting until The Boy can improve his aim, if you get my drift.

And I do mean drift, if you see what I mean.

eat my shorts said...

I made a dinner for two that turned into a dinner for four at the last minute. I drank some beers & some Cointreau/soda/limes. I watched some tennis on tv. I got woken up the next morning at 8am to video my buddy going surfing at Clifton. I stopped by a roadside cafe for a dodgy coffee and fatty egg/bacon roll. I went home & showered all the sand off me. I talked to mum for an hour on the phone (well, she did most of the talking). I watched some cricket while making dinner & drinking a beer. I went to bed early. The end.

Leilani said...

It's Tuesday. I can't remember what I did on the weekend. I think there was too much wii action, chocolate and at some stage a swimming pool. My kids probably did something really bad, or the neighbours came to tell me that my kids did something really bad - that's what usually happens.

Boogey I have the same problem with blogger at my work, I can read but not contribute. It's so annoying I am thinking of leaving -or putting my hand up for a voluntary redundancy.