Thursday, October 7, 2010

Song of the Week: Meet Me in the Basement

The fuck did you say?

Just to annoy Melba, have a look at this article on quackery. Must get myself one. Incidentally, I went to primary school with the guy who wrote the article.

In other (bugbear) news, let's assume the Collingwood players are innocent until proven guilty.

Following is a happy little instrumental video from Broken Social Scene with a very subtle political message. See if you pick up on it. The album, by the way, is brilliant. Buy it. Now.


squib said...

Neat, thanks, Lewd

a very subtle political message

I saw Captain Kirk so it's something to do with Star Trek, yes?

wari lasi said...

I had a grand mal at the end. You could have warned me that it wasn't really suitable for a nine year old. Emma didn't really get it but I couldn't stop her watching once it had started.

But I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Melbs is currently abroad and is unavailable to be annoyed at the moment.

I'm sure she'll be suitably irked when she returns.

Anonymous said...

The message was over my head (something about pop-culture and civil unrest?), but I liked the music. Do Broken Social Scene do a lot of instrumental stuff? Oh, and I adored the use of the footage from Shark Attack 3; which, for those who haven't seen it, isn't just worth watching for the shark-attack-ey bits. The writing, acting and directing are equally astounding (Probably NSFW, either. Especially towards the end).

Also, from the Power Band article:

The latest player in the Australian market, Eken, claims its products use ''nano frequency infusion technology'', which ''ensures that each hologram receives a highly concentrated dose of the frequencies required to produce the highest potency and longest lasting product on the market''.

Fucknobism. For sure.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

What I took away from this is that the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba are evil.

No argument there

Lewd Bob said...

No PSF Ramon? Sorry if I stood on your toes with a late Thursday night post.

Lewd Bob said...

And apologies Wari. It is definitely rated MA+. Sorry if said 9 year old is traumatised by the head blowing off incident.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

No that's fine Bob.

I was running a bit short of inspiration this week anyway.

TubularBells said...

I saw Captain Kirk so it's something to do with Star Trek, yes?

I saw Justin Beiber and rioting, and assumed that it is about the correlation between the two.

I have only seen Yo Gabba Gabba once, Jack Black was prancing around in a shiny orange unitard singing "you can't always get what you want, and whining doesn't help". It was like someone had engaged my mum as a song/script writer, I was hanging on for Jack to start singing "suffer in silence children, no one cares anymore if your big toe hurts" but it never came.

Melba said...

Hello All

I am back and pretty spaced out. I keep walking into things. I'm too relaxed to clink on the link Bob but thanks for thinking of me.

Got back last night slept the sleep of the dead (wonderful to be horizontal after 30 hours).

Missed you guys and very happy to be back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Melba. This place just doesn't feel right without the tiny Lynda Carters.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Welcome back, Melbs.

Do you need any lemons?

Melba said...

Hey guys. I do need lemons Ramon, you still got 'em coming? Maybe a beer is in order. I drank a fair bit of Efes over in Old Anatolia. A tasty brew.

I clicked on the link Bob. Those power bands are bullshit aren't they. Totally.

Oh hey. Someone told me today that with jet lag it takes a day to recover for every time zone you passed through. What constitutes a time zone? One hour difference?

My brain still isn't working, so fucking tired. Woke up 2.30am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Stayed up, on the Net and giving myself a mani-pedi. Went to work, then drove home at 4pm like a drunk and now have to cook meatballs.


But I have a tan. I can tan in Turkey. There's no hole in the ozone.


WitchOne said...

Welcome back Melba, I have lemons, grapefruit and cumquats going.. The Mandarin, Tahitian lime and Orange trees haven't caught on it's time to start fruiting yet (the Kaffir lime is only good for its leaves anyway I think), I'm hopeful something will happen next year.

Oh, and strawberries are flowering. I live in a world of excess!