Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeah, what is he building in there?

What's he building in there?
What the hell is he building in there?

He has subscriptions to those magazines.
He never waves when he goes by.
He's hiding something from the rest of us.
He's all to himself. I think I know why.

He took down the tire swing from the pepper tree.
He has no children of his own, you see.
He has no dog. He has no friends.
His lawn is dying.
What are all those packages he sends?

What's he building in there?

That hooklight on the stairs.
What's he building in there?

I'll tell you one thing. He's not building a playhouse for the children.
What's he building in there?

And what's that sound from underneath the door?
He's pounding nails into a hardwood floor.
I swear to god, I heard someone moaning, low.
And I keep seeing the blue light of a TV show.
He has a router. And a table saw.
And you won't believe what Mr. Stitches saw.
There's poison underneath the sink, of course.
There's also enough formaldehyde to choke a horse.

What's he building in there?
What the hell is he building in there?

I heard he has an ex-wife in someplace called Mayor's Income, Tennessee.
And he used to have a consulting business in Indonesia.

But what's he building in there?

He has no friends. But he gets a lot of mail.
I'll bet he spent a little time in jail.
I heard he was up on the roof last night, signalling with a flashlight.
And what's that tune he's always whistling?

What's he building in there?
What's he building in there?

We have a right to know.

By-the-by, I’m off for two weeks holiday from Monday.

I might pop in now and again to be obscure at you.


Mr E Discharge said...

Tom Waits should be on the World Heritage List.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...


squib said...

I thought this was Nick Cave (yes, I'm an idiot)

catlick said...

I know two fifths of fuck all about poetry, but I'm still grateful to Tom Waits for a live taped performance that, looped, got me from Perth to Melbourne in under 2 days. Aside from that, I do enjoy the frisson of recognition when I read unknown lyrics. I like that one doesn't have to hear him to hear him.
And how about that window on preview eh?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Squib, I would never call someone who is going to send me a Julia Gillard badge an "idiot".

Leilani said...

Love this creepy song/spoken word piece.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Leilani, I love the way he says "Indoneeeeeeeeesia"

Melba said...

I got my badge! Thanks squib it is excellent and I am going to wear it to the supermarket now.

And thanks so much for the hair buttons. Are they for me or the girls? We can share. I'm growing my hair long and I see a long, long ponytail with the Little Red Riding Hood button. I LOVE THEM THANKYOU!!! Did you make them? You are very clever.

PS You have very nice handwriting.

squib said...

Far out! That was quick. Do you know, I get things quicker from Europe than from the eastern states?

Yes, I made them (the squirrels helped). The hair buttons are for you, thanks, glad you like them

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

We will be Poetry Slam Fridayless for the next two weeks unless somebody else wants to stick their hands up.

Squib? Pers?

Melba said...

Yes squib. Very fast I was impressed.

And happy holidays to you Ramon.

Could I request that squib do PSF? Maybe even some originali stuff?

I emailed Perse to see if he's ok. He's gone very quiet and Mama Melba is worried.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Any Melbourne based TSFKAer want to catch up for a few quiet beers during my spare time - shoot me a line.

Leilani said...

Ah yes - the Indoneeeesia - he is so cool. I have this wonderful interview with Waits from a Word mag from a couple of years ago. I usually ignore all the music mags my husband buys with their endless lists and busy graphics. But this one I have kept and it has pride of place, on the toilet shelf.

squib said...

*puts hand up for PSF*

Melba said...

Yay squib. Looking forward to it.

And if there's to be a beer-based TSFKA catch up with Ramon, I would like to be involved.

I would very much like to chat with Desci again. And see the Perseus again. And meet any other Melburnian TSFKAsers.


Let's break down the barriers. Let's eyeball in the '80s Citizen Band Radio tradition. Let's drink beer. (Or a nice chardonnay.)

Lewd Bob said...

Fuck that. Let's remain mysterious. Or not. Ok, beer it is then.

Lewd Bob said...

Incidentally, I've been itching to do a PSF. Maybe I can do the one after Squib. And I'm at the GB every second Thursday. I'm the one at the bar asking the barchick to play more Television.

Melba said...

I dunno Bob. You'll run away like last time. I'm not that scary, really.

eat my shorts said...

This one scares me a little. But titillates me a little at the same time.

And that disturbs me. I don't come to TSFKA to be disturbed. See to it that's corrected next time around, okay?

Any Melbourne based TSFKAer want to catch up for a few quiet beers during my spare time - shoot me a line.

Melbourne, meh. Hobart's where it's at (if you like a lot of fricking rain with your beer - the rain is free of charge of course). Youse all better have a cold one or three for me or there'll be trouble.

Rachael said...

Hey Squib. My badge has turned up in Brisbane! Mrs L still thinks it's a bit strange but agrees with Melba that you have nice hand writing. I now have to wait for two weeks to see it myself.

And your PSF should be one of your own I think.

wari lasi said...

Bloody Rachael was logged in!

It's actually me. Sorry.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Just picked up my three Squib badges now.

And a ponus poem!

Thanks Squib, you ROCK!

PS. What delightful penmanship.

Mad Cat Lady said...

thank you ever so for my badges m'me Squib :) but if richards finds out i have his face on a badge that restraining order i always worry about may become reality.

pretty picture that one - they used it for the poster for his solo show in toowoomba