Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PQ's Top 10 Songs of the 2000s: No. 2

Electrelane were an all-chick band from England who inexplicably disbanded after four great albums when they were at the height of their popularity. What the hell's wrong with these bands? Why the hell would you split up? What are you going to do? Work at a bank? You're fucken rockstars, it's the ultimate job!

Anyway, they're awesome, and are on high rotation on my stereos. They perform a kind of 'drone-rock'. Think Nico, mixed with Neu!, mixed with Stereolab and Sonic Youth, or something. Many of their songs stick to one or two chords, they get into a groove and work the hell out of it. This then becomes the best driving music. It is perhaps an indication of how much driving I do (living so far from Melbourne, but having so many reasons to go there) that this song is high up on my list, and Electrelane is so appreciated by me.

The song is from their second album 'The Power Out' which came out in 2004, and it's a classic drone rock piece. A fan has made a video for it, and I'm glad that s/he chose driving footage because that's where the song makes most sense.

A note: As I have mentioned before, I hate saxophones, and here I have my second best song of the 2000s featuring a sax solo, but, as you will hear, the performer treats the foul instrument with the contempt it deserves. Also, musically speaking, the way the sax comes to its finale just as the synth comes back in is one of those 'moments' in music that make me melt... Gee I love rock music.

The songs is called 'Only One Thing Is Needed'.

They got it going on alright.

(Sound quality isn't so good... please buy the song)



Mr E Discharge said...

Top of my musical hate list are Girl Bands and Digtal Synthesizers. Both make music that sounds like it's coming out of an aerosol can.

squib said...

It's not bad but it's not really a No. 2 song

Lewd Bob said...

Electrelane. They're really very good. However I find their albums to be a little too front loaded.

Perseus said...

Discharge - in their defence, they only happened to be an all-chick band, in the same way that Rolling Stones happened to be an all bloke band. Electrelane never marketed themselves as such.

Lewd Bob said...

Not a fan of the Go Gos then Mr E?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Answer, answer!

Perseus said...

A woman I know told me excitedly that she was buying tickets to the Bananarama concert.

It me amazed me

a) That someone wants to go to a Bananarama concert,

b) That Bananarama are doing a concert, and,

c? That Bananarama ever existed in the first place.


The Runaways: Now there's an all chick band with some guts.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

There's nothing hotter than chick drummers.

Melba said...

Sorry not finishing this one either. So so bland after the last one.

It's 1.25am and I have to get to bed.
I agree with squib, not a number 2 song.