Friday, September 26, 2008

Unpopular Science Magazine.

In this month’s edition.

* Genetically modified food? I can’t wait!!

* MMR vaccine – it’s perfectly safe, for fuck’s sake. Just get over it.

* Top chiefs in our blind taste test. This month – organic lamb vs. a block of wood.

* Special sealed section. Dr Ben Goldacre as you’ve never seen him before

* God interview; “Intelligent Design my holy bollocks. I just made stuff up”.


Your stars. Proxima Centauri or C-146; which is hawter?


Boogeyman said...

Top chiefs in our blind taste test.

The blind are taste testing top chefs now? Cool.

I'll bet Jamie Oliver tastes like chicken. Fat chicken.

And Gordon Ramsay probably tastes like old gristle.

Perseus said...

Oh, can I play?

"You Can Smoke While Pregnant. " by W. One.

"Postcard from PNG" W. Lasi reports on the nation's urgent need to violently kill its wildlife.

"Beer vs Productivity: A 10 Year Study" R. Insternamehere's results will shock!

"Counting The Beat - Strippers with Aspbergers: The new chic?" by P. I. Boots

"Mathemeticians at Odds!" Physicists, trigonometrists and geometrists go head to head on the degree of Peter Garrett's various moral backflips. Results range from 45 to 180 degrees.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Strippers with Aspbergers

I can't go on, I've got a spot on my G-string.

"A SPOT!!!"

WitchOne said...

"Books really can replace women" - Perseus

"Intelligent discussion or balderdash?" as judged by S. Dub

"I really should take more notice of who says what rather than simply read content." W. One

Perseus said...

"The Obesity Epidemic: An Inside Story" by S. Dub.

Perseus said...

Disclaimer: I have no idea what Stubbadub looks like, but I've been referring to him as obese for two years now and I don't see why I should stop.

Stubbadub said...

Has it really been two years? Feels look only yesterday that I was calling you a stout and you were calling me a fat bastard. Where does the time go?

Boogeyman said...

I've seen a pic of Perseus, but maybe it wasn't a good representation 'cause he woz framed.

Perseus said...

'Weasel', Stubb. You called me 'weasel'. You can't retrospectively downgrade the insult to 'stout'.

And yes Boogey, not only was I framed, I was taken out of context.

In other news, god I love Sarah Silverman.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

For the love of gravy Pers, learn to do links.

And it seems like only the other day somebody called Skell a "cunt cunt".

Happy, happy days.

Perseus said...

For the love of God, teach me. How is it done?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You mean, like this?

Perseus said...

Yes but how did you do it? Seriously, I went to the Blogger website and all trying to find directions, and I couldn't find anything.

And you think you're a luddite. You're freaking Bill Gates to my Gilligan.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I'm not saying.

Not until you say how funny my "Proxima Centauri" joke was.

Perseus said...

Oh, I ROFMLOL'd or whatever it's called for minutes . Of the whole post, it was clearly the funniest point, and the Silver goes to the 'God Interview' line.

But in 2008, nothing yet has beaten your most excellent quip: "It was a Zombie March? Oh, I thought it was the Greens' AGM" (which by the way, I stole, used at various gatherings, events and other websites, and took all the laughs without attributing you, such was my esteem for the gag.)


Boogeyman said...

Like <a href="">this</a>

which ends up looking....

Like this.

That'll be $100, which covers my call-out fee plus 5 minutes of actual work.

Perseus said...

My latest book review is of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and it can be found here.

Perseus said...

Cheque's in the mail etc etc.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...


You goose, Boogey.

We could have squeezed him for a lot more than that!

Alex said...

I can't help you with Internet Explorer or Safari (although I assume they're the same), but in Firefox, Opera, Konqueror or Epiphany, you can click View --> Source (Page Source, Document Source, etc...) or press CTRL+U to see how a page looks to your web browser. I find it useful for learning how to do things.

Perseus said...

Jesus Alex. Out of interest, I just clicked on View --> Source and what came up on my screen was, I believe, the Klingon Constitution.

You are clearly more IT savvy that I ever will be. I'm happy now just to be able to a link in a comment post.

Boogeyman said...

We could have squeezed him for a lot more than that!

Indeed we could have if he hadn't dropped a six figure job to "drop out, grow his hair and play in a band". Sheesh!

Anyway, with a hundred in the kitty I can safely double or nothing our election bet at least another 6.643 times.

Boogeyman said...

Also, speaking of web page source (ie. html), I was once driving back from Ipswich late at night, and in that weird hallucinatory realm between wakefulness and driving headlong into a ditch, I realised that those big b-double trucks passing me were nothing more than big html documents.

At which point I pulled over, slapped myself a few hundred times, and reminded myself that most truck drivers can't even spell HTML.

Alex said...

You shouldn't need to be able to understand everything on the page.

Just use your browser's text search to find the bit that you're interested in and then take note of the <>html tags</> that are immediately surrounding it.

Alex said...

I realised that those big b-double trucks passing me were nothing more than big html documents.

Do you mean that they looked like a bunch of moving rectangular div elements or that they have a head and a body and can be broken down into elements and function.

Or do you mean in a Matrix style alternate reality kind of way?

Boogeyman said...

I think it was the latter.

I was deep in alpha-wave land. Logic was a foreigner.

Perseus said...

Fucken nerds.

Alex said...

Fucken nerds.

I guess the internet is where you find them. Besides, weren't you the one just asking for help with hyperlinking?