Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wrong - In So Many Ways

Good morning everyone.

At least the week can't get worse than this.

The above photo was taken from The Herald Sun who have published this photo, and another shot of a topless 19 year old Pauline Hanson with digitised boobs.

Here is what's wrong:

1. Pauline Hanson trying to be sexy.
2. The Herald Sun thinking shots like this are 'newsworthy'.
3. That Pauline Hanson is news on any level. It's just wrong wrong wrong. I want her to GO AWAY.
4. The fucker that sold the shots - FAIL to him - as much as I dislike Hanson, he too is a fucked up wanker creep for selling the shots.
5. The Herald Sun trying to make an angle out of it... by saying that publication of these shots may de-rail her election campaign. It strikes me that by making that statement, they have crossed from being news reporters to news-makers. It is the newspaper that published the shots. This story did not exist. They made the story. They didn't report the story, they authoured it. They are the story. The shots won't de-rail her campaing... it's the Herald Sun buying and publishing them that may de-rail her campaign. Know what I mean? The article should read, "Herald-Sun derails campaign."
6. Pauline Hanson in a state of undress. I fairdinkuum nearly spewed.
7. Just... ew.

Oh my giddy Aunt. What an awful, awful image.

Make it stop.

Make it stop.


Melba said...

She has a man-chest.

Apparently, she was drunk on Passion Pop.

I feel sorry for her actually.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Sod Pauline, I feel sorry for me!

catlick said...

The pixels hide her pink bits. TMI. I am reminded of GG's* giant huge error of judgement. NSFW. Diamonds aren't forever, but digital is. Oh, and yes I am aware that GG posed for this shot knowing it was for publication, whereas Pauline apparently got squiffy, seduced, and photographed in a private motel room. The former was done over by her fellow editors, (they were supposed to bare all but reneged) and Pauline has been hoist with her own petard.

*Germaine Greer

patchouligirl said...

Would you would feel differently if it was Julia instead of Pauline Pers? Good lord - thank goodness Bronwyn Bishop never compromised herself like this for a ride on a Harley and a weekend at Coffs!

I agree that the media should not have published this, it is completely irresponsible, callous and in very poor taste.

eat my shorts said...

For fuck's sake. Didja have to post the fricking photo?

I was watching whatever that morning show is with Andrew O'Keefe at the gym this morning and they kept showing the photos over and over and over and over again and then going on about how atrocious it was that they've been published.

Perseus, dude. You can't post the photo and say someone else is a shitter for posting the photo.

Or, you can't post the photo because it's gross and makes me want to rark.

Pick one.

Melba said...

While I wasn't overly disturbed by Pauline's ill-positioned belt, I am now going to live the rest of my life with the image of Germaine's hairy rectal passage burned into my memory.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

catlick said...

You're Welcome.

catlick said...

If I could have a do-over, I would change my post. No Melba, I wouldn't remove Germ's 70s hairy minge, I would change "squiffy, seduced and photographed" to "squiffy, seduced and snapped". I do love an alliteration.

Melba said...

The the problem with blogging. Not enough editing and thoughtfulness.

I speak only for myself of course.

Melba said...

The The.

I rest my case.

WitchOne said...

I wondered what all the fuss was about really, she has lovely, eyes.She was only 19 (no toy horses, I'm assuming someone was too cheap to run to the toy store and well, we're not at war today, to my knowledge).

But really, no one can say they never made a stupid decision at 19, it sucks that hers were made public and the Hun decided to humiliate her.

And catlick, I really didn't need GG's overwhelming bikini line (it goes down to her KNEES!) on my screen.


eat my shorts said...

But really, no one can say they never made a stupid decision at 19

Listen here, I made plenty of the worst kinds of decisions at age 19 (don't ask, you don't want to know and I'm not going to tell*, you'll have to trust me here, you really don't want to know), but I'm not running for an election campaign.

Of all the reasons I might feel sorry for Pauline Hanson, this one is at the bottom of the list. I don't care what kind of scum sold the images, she posed for them and knew they existed in the first place and still thought that having a crack at being a politician might be worthy.

Look. She's a skanky, ignorant whore. That's ok, there's plenty of those about. But we don't have to tolerate looking at them near naked or vote for them.

I'm not saying that most of us haven't been skanky, ignorant whores at one time or another, but there's being a skanky, ignorant whore and there's being a skanky, ignorant whore who expects the media to pretend she's not a skanky, ignorant whore who expects people to vote for her.

I'm sure you get what I'm saying.

*I lie. For the right price I will tell. But you ought to know it's sordid.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care if Miss Hanson is humiliated by this or if it ends her political career or whatever. We all do things that we regret later on, and while it's unpleasant when those things come back to bite us, well, that's something we all have to put up with.

However, I do agree with what I think is the general point of what Perseus is saying.
a) The news media should report news.
b) Old nudie pics of political figures are not news.
c) Even if something came out of this that was news, the pictures themselves would still not be news. Therefore, there should never be any need for a newspaper to print them.

I guess it comes down to the fact that newspapers are businesses and whatever sells is going to find its way in. Which can be annoying and frustrating but isn't anything new.

Perseus said...

"Perseus, dude. You can't post the photo and say someone else is a shitter for posting the photo. Or, you can't post the photo because it's gross and makes me want to rark. Pick one."

Third option: I copied and pasted a 'news' item on to a blog read by about 20 people. I'm not the 'media'.


Further, Alex, they wrote the article about her campaign being derailed before anyone outside of the newspaper itself saw the pictures and commented about her campaign. Who said her campaign would be derailed? The Herald Sun did!

Logically, this is how I should describe it: The Herald-Sun says that the Herald-Sun says Hanson's campaign is de-railed.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Perseus, old stick, in the interest of keeping the family business, you may care to point out that Ms Hanson is denying the photos are her and is talking about legal action.

squib said...

The lino is very classy though

Perseus said...

If they aren't her, then I suggest she should shutup. Did she not learn from Rudd's visit to the strippers?

Reminds me of that Alice Cooper story. Someone threw a live chicken on to the stage. Cooper threw it back into the audience. Someone threw it back on to the estage, but this time without its head. The next day, he reads an article saying, "Alice Cooper Bites Head Off Chicken."

Frank Zappa rang him and said, "Did you bit the head off a chicken?"

"God no, no way," said Alice Cooper.

Frank Zappa said, "Don't tell anyone!"

Lewd Bob said...

Hubba Hubba!

wari lasi said...

I refuse to just agree with Perseus today.

I am however considering taking legal action against Catlick for posting that link. I know, I didn't have to click on it, but I did, didn't I?

I hope Germaine can afford a little depilatory work these days.

Melba said...

Wari, it would have been a point of feminist pride to keep the hair there. Even to share.

Bet it's not bare there now, still with hair. She wouldn't dare.

wari lasi said...

Having a Dr Seuss day Melba?

You're probably right, Germaine would wear that hair like a badge of pride.

Call me a sexist pig, but I do like my ladies a little more glabrous.

Melba said...

I'm trying to get a backlash going against brazilians. The wax not the peoples. My reasons are: laziness, cost, dignity and why-the-fuck-should-i-germaineness.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I wish somebody would write something else, so we can get that hideous photo of (possibly not) Pauline below the fold.

Perseus said...

Regarding the Brazillian... my ex, Andromeda 3.0, over the many years we were together, commented that, anecdotally, perhaps even coincidentally, that in the period immediately following the two Brazillians she got, I was, seemingly, perhaps even subconsciously, more, um, diligent, and displayed more, um, stamina, when it came to, um, servicing, her, um, special requirements.

catlick said...

Perseus I like a tidy work station. But I do suffer some sensory dissonance when I kiss a bearded man.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I don't know how to respond to that, Pers.

I really don't.

I've never slept with any chick who's had a Brazillian.

Then again, I've never slept with any chick who was Brazillian

Melba said...

Perseus, I can anecdotally attest to your findings. Sadly, that's not a reason for me to persist with the waxing. That's what marriage and three kids do to you.

You have been warned.

I agree with Ramon, let's get all this rubbish moved down the page.

What about a footy post?

wari lasi said...

Perseus I like a tidy work station.

What a gem of a quote Catlick. You are forgiven for the Germaine link.

When did the Brazillian come into vogue anyway?

Jamie said...

Perseus. Jesus. Just ... Jesus.

Melba said...

When did the Brazilian come into Vogue, wari?

When it became not only ok but desirable to dress like a stripper on your nights out.

It's part of the Raunch Culture, that I'm hoping my daughter will lead her own backlash against.

Perseus said...

Jamie's back! Unfortunately, only to admonish me, but even so, I like it when he's around.

I really don't care either way about the waxing issue. It certainly doesn't make or break sex, or relationships, or attraction.

It's a prop.

wari lasi said...

It even has a technical term.


If it has a name it must be OK.

Perseus said...

I did not move this post to the top. I wouldn't know how.

My suspicion is Boogeyman.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...


*Shakes fist, very much in the style of Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes*

Melba said...

Methinks somebody wants discussion of lady-parts, hirsute or not, to continue.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you I do not want discussion of her humps, her humps, her racist lady bumps, here or anywhere.

I did not move this post to the top. I wouldn't know how.

What are you talking about, old cove?

eat my shorts said...

Third option: I copied and pasted a 'news' item on to a blog read by about 20 people. I'm not the 'media'.

Gah! Damn you and your third option! I gave no third option!

And I'm choosing to ignore the fact that you're third option there is a valid point. Because I can.

Louche said...

Of course blogs are the media. My blog was on Media Watch last week! (Excuse the famewhore-ishness)

It's always good being on Media Watch when you're not the one in trouble.

As for Pauline, do we really need to see her belly button? I'm happy to accept it's not her. Helps the mental image.

And GG's minge has nothing on 80's Madonna minge.

Puss In Boots said...

Apparently, the upside to a lot of people getting brazillians over the last few years (including guys) is that some labs have had to start madly trying to collect specimans of crabs, as they're fastly becoming extinct without any pubic hairs to cling to.

Perseus said...

Which episode / article Louche?

Louche said...

Oops, episode before last. I was on holidays last week and forgot that the rest of the world didn't stop turning.

'Bringing Up Baby.'

catlick said...

Louche thank you for that. I used the Christie's zoom function with a screen shot to create a new screen saver.

No I didn't.

eat my shorts said...

Of course blogs are the media.

Can this blog be defined as mass media though? I'm assuming that Perseus meant mass media and I think he'd be right when he says this particular blog doesn't come under the definition of mass media.

I agreed with what Perseus said in his original post, I just hated seeing that fricking photo again.

It was a great report on Media Watch about 'Bringing Up Baby', Louche. I still can't believe how munted the ABC were with that show.