Sunday, May 31, 2009

Public broadcasting announcement

For those luddites of you too clueless or, alternately, law-abiding to have already watched it on illegal go-straight-to-jail destroying-the-fabric-of-society interwebs filesharing bittorrent download, tune in tonight ABC 7:30pm to see the newest of the one-off Doctor Who specials - The Planet of the Dead.

I won't give any advance spoilers, but anyone who's seen the ads should see that it will be scary (sand everywhere - gets into one's nether regions - icky) and sexy (Michelle Ryan (mmmm) looking six million dollars; and David Tennant for everyone with a brain and a pulse - I mean really, who doesn't want to be, or to be with, Monsieur Tennant??).

Watch the episode, or suffer the endless shame heaped upon you by your more culturally enlightened peers.


eat my shorts said...

Oh how I love that show.

David Tennant = the thinking woman's crumpet.

catlick said...

Heretic alert. I found last night's offering a little formulaic. The single episode structure forces the resolution, but in what was possibly a nod to the Sarah Jane era, we had the "dungarees" solution to an unresolved alien costuming issue. Flys in overalls? Puleese

RandomGit said...

WORKER flys in overalls. WORKERS!

squib said...

It was much better than the last 'special' episode. I don't find the 16th sexiest man in the world all that attractive but the fly men were kinda cute

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I'm with you, Catlick, I thought it was pretty ordinary.

And while we're talking television, The Mexican Spitfire is on ABC 1 at 2:20 tomorrow morning.

Staring Lupe Velez!!

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that the ads showed the flying metal omnivores that were the true villians - way to telegraph the best bit ABC.

When I watched it I hadn't seen that bit, so naturally I assumed the flies in overalls were the villians. Then when they started talking about a dust cloud that consumed everything, I started thinking of the whole 'nanobots go crazy and reduce a world to grey goop' thing.

But I thought it was good in terms of keeping up the tension, and didn't sink to Russell T Davies' usual culture vulturing.

Perseus said...

Bloody missed it.

I'd do an "illegal go-straight-to-jail destroying-the-fabric-of-society interwebs filesharing bittorrent download" if I knew what any of that meant.

eat my shorts said...

I found last night's offering a little formulaic.I'm with you catlick. I was watching it thinking, "Haven't I seen this storyline before?" Just with a different enemy and the Doctor had a different companion.

Pepsi said...

I thought it was pretty ordinary, even second time round (we saw it at Easter on YouTube).

Zoe Slatter all grown up (the bus was pretty packed with Eastenders alumni)

So, theres only one Tennant special left isnt there, and we need to sort out what happened with that woman in the library (Alex Kingston).

I wondered if Bernard is going up to Cardiff to join Captain Jack & co in Torchwood for S3, they seemed to be setting it up that way.

eat my shorts said...

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Torchwood, not a fan. Captain Jack is the only good thing about that show.

Pepsi said...

That'll be Malcom not Bernard.

Give it another go Shorts, it took a while to get its feet, and still has an occasional dud one, but its a light hearted rollicking romp with lots of dark edges, and Captain Jack snogs almost everything with a pulse.

Perseus said...

I like Torchwood for an odd reason:

I LOVE the Welsh accent.

eat my shorts said...

Yeah, the accents rock. That's why even if it's a shit episode I don't change the channel.

Orright Pepsi, I won't give up on it quite yet.