Monday, November 9, 2009

PQ's Top 10 Songs of the 2000s. No. 10.

Even if I was still writing Weekend Wraps all that I'd have written about this weekend just gone is that my garden got weeded until the point that my hand cramped and went into a semi-permanent claw and I had to stop.

I have ideas though for three weekly posts to keep you all entertained. The first, to be posted on Mondays for the next ten weeks (subject to availability) is my Top 10 songs of the 2000s.

I apologise profusely to Lewd Bob in advance for the following reasons.

1. Lists are Lewd Bob's schtick. Nobody compiles lists like he does. He has a list of his Top 10 Italian films from the 1950's. But now here I am doing a list.

2. He will be furious that I am not doing a 'decade' Top 10, which would still be a year away given correct mathematics (2001 being the start of the decade). When the world kept referring to the 2000 New Year as 'the new millenium' Lewd Bob nearly went postal.

3. He will also be furious that I thought of doing a Top 10 Songs post on this site before he did, because he knows more about music in the 2000s than I do. But, by way of recompense, Bob, I suggest that once I finish my Top 10, you can do yours.

4. Some of the acts in this list I only know about because he told me about them.

I also want to apologise to you all for posting something not nearly as exciting as my love gumbyness, but for my every Wednesday post I may have come up with a decent compromise. But you'll have to wait. Anyway, on with the Top 10, which I'm scared only Pepsi and Bob will take any interest in anyway.


No band or act can have two songs in the Top 10. When I did my real Top 10, one act had three songs, and two others had two songs. I realised that would make the list less entertaining so I just picked my favourite song from those acts.

Also, I banned cover songs, which meant the Pink Mountaintops cover version of Joy Division's 'Atmosphere', and Johnny Cash's cover version of Nick Cave's 'The Mercy Seat' missed out, even though both had claims to make my Top 10.


It hurt to make this list, because I had to leave out so many great songs. For the record, Cat Power's 'Werewolf' came in at Number 11, so that I guess is the one that hurt the most. Beautiful song.


Someone spoke to someone about my band and anyway, we were invited to Hobart to play some shows. We played one Thursday night at a pub called 'The Republic' which is their version of Melbourne's The Espy. It is the place to play.

Anyway, we were out the back talking to the owner of the band and he says, "Some American wanted to play here tonight but I'd never heard of him so I said no. His agent was begging me to cancel you guys, and then the artist himself rang me and asked if he could play tonight, even as a support, because it was the only night he could do Hobart, but I stuck to my guns and said no. I forget his name. Bick 63 or something."

"It wasn't Buck 65 was it?" I asked in horror.

"Yeah, that's him," said the owner.

"Oh, my, fucking, God," I said. "You bumped him for us? He could've supported us?"

"You know him?" asked the owner.

"They guy's a fucking genius!" I yelled, angry at the owner for putting my band before Buck 65. "He's a cowboy who does hip hop!"

Anyway, we played the gig, and I was half-tempted afterwards to make a permanent poster saying, "Perseus's Band... They chose us over Buck 65".

Buck 65's real name is Richard Terfry and he's a Canadian, not an American as the pub owner suggested. He jumps around genres and every album is different, but they are all very listenable. I don't like hip-hop at all, but there's just something about his soothing voice, his lyrics and his choice of musicians that sits well with me. The song I post here at Number Ten of the 2000s is in fact the first song I ever heard of his, so I guess it has sentimental resonance as well. It comes from his 2005 album, 'Secret House Against The World' and it is called 'Blood Of A Young Wolf'.

The song won't be for everyone, but I hope you can appreciate it for its uniqueness, and apreciate its soothing groove as I do. It's one of my favourite 'cleaning the house' songs. It might be hip-hop, but there is something truly beautiful about it and I never tire of hearing the song.

I have no idea what the song is about. It might not be about anything.

Unfortunately, there was no videoclip on You Tube that I could find aside from the this totally weird clip made by a fan of the song, who simply posted shots of his car to go with the music. It's fucken weird.

But, below the You Tube video I have the words, so maybe you can make your own fun by reading the words and singing along. Well, rapping along.

ten thousand horses, sable island, endless summer
oh my god i’m hot to steal, beside myself and friendless number
i ain't got no culture, nothing, dirty words, but that don’t count
flight attendants, waitresses, superstition, good amount
there’s work to do, hell to pay, memories and fingerprints
calling papa ignorance
and i don’t wanna go, sick and tired
zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, zoom, kick, persuasion, tech
it’s an egg and spoon race, slow and steady, desert highway, a bientot
still i’m stuck, i cant afford it, picture postcard, small momento
echo, shadow, echo, shadow, sterling silver, burning furnace
frozen nowhere, just a kid, i had a friend named deadly earnest
cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my arm
praise the heavens, call the cops, relax, there’s no cause for alarm
diamond rings and little babies, startlements and miracles
i remember pretty faces so severe and lyrical
i’m talking amelia earhart, neko case and frida kahlo
all alone, the way it should be, i don’t even need a shadow
seeds of wisdom, found no purchase, we don’t even have a chance
birthday party, armageddon, long stemmed roses, avalanche
broken fingers, going nowhere fast and screeching to a halt
all that work for nothin', uh oh, whipping boy it's all my fault
zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, zoom, kick, persuasion, tech
zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, tech, tech, tech
i don’t wanna go to pieces, easy going, afraid to fly and so i’m running
catching fish and chopping wood, the revolution, slow time coming
i don’t know what else to do, cross my fingers, teach the children
read your fortunes, storm the studios, come on all ye faithful pilgrims
no more same old song and dance, some good ideas get overplayed
i eat my breakfast, ride my bike, a knife between my shoulderblades
see i’m a man of many problems up against some scary odds
we kill, we hide, we all fall down, idiots love to bury gods
it doesn’t happen overnight though, never, still i’m filled with wonder
lonely like a tightrope walker, hitchhiker, long distance runner
zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, good night for you bad night for me
but i still love you lying down, k i s s i n g
not bad, not bad, not bad at all i tried your shoes on
cigarettes and crucifixes, ingmar bergman, alphonse mouzon
really boring modern music, really boring modern girl
get me out of here, i’m drowning, i don’t like this modern world
anti-intellect and marketing, pretty, pretty, who needs talent
crying eyes, we’re so outnumbered, fight for the right to remain silent
what do i know, who am i, my two left feet my big dumb face
i’d do the same if i had the chance, cheat the system, rig the race
it’s all one big misunderstanding, inside out i turn my coat
don’t look back don’t move a muscle, one false move that’s all she wrote
zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, zoom, kick, persuasion, tech
zoom, kick, persuasion, tech, tech, tech, tech


Lewd Bob said...

I'm not angry...yet. It will depend on the quality of your top 10. And you're quite right, I'll be waiting till the end of next year to make such a list. I hope Melba will appreciate my pedantry.

morgana said...

The totally weird You Tube clip complemented the song very well. What about a list of top 10 songs to play while cleaning the house?

Lewd Bob said...

I've already compiled that list morgana. It includes Motorhead's Ace of Spades, Ween's I'll be your Johnny on the Spot and many, many more.

Anyone who loves their car - that much - is a fuckup.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

What about a list of top 10 songs to play while cleaning the house?

"London Calling" by The Clash.

Mad Cat Lady said...

Pennywhistle by Augie March

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Although I should point out that pogoing around while cleaning the kitchen floor will result in the bucket falling over and the water going everywhere.

And the cat totally freaking out.

morgana said...

I recommend Bollywood dancing when pretending to clean the living room.

Perseus said...

Morgana - I don't condone the recommendation of Bollywood for any purpose, except perhaps as a tool of torture.

squib said...

goodo Pers, I look forward to the rest. I liked the lyrics on that one

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I knew I should have brought my "Best of Bollywood" CD to that lemon meeting, Pers.

Perseus said...

Do you hate me that much, Ramon?

Bollywood music is like Gilbert & Sullivan but less catchy, much worse, and cheaply recorded. The films are shit, too.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It's great for cleaning to.

Mr E Discharge said...

It's great for cleaning to.

Have you ever been to India, Ramon???

Perseus said...

Cleaning out the room of people with tatse.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Ive been to quite a few Indian restaurants, Mr E.

Does that count?

Mr E Discharge said...

Does that count?

Only if the restaurant has a stream of raw sewage running past the front door.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Only if the restaurant has a stream of raw sewage running past the front door

Well there were in Preston, so that's pretty close.

Mr E Discharge said...

In Bollywoods defence, Baz Luhrmann doesn't work there. Yet.

patchouligirl said...

I will excuse myself from this discussion as I doubt I would have heard of any of the songs on a Perseus top 10.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Yes Patchie, but what music do you listen to when you're doing the cleaning?

Puss In Boots said...

I like to think I have great taste in music, but I'm also pretty sure I won't know anything in Perseus' top 10.

I don't really listen to music when I clean. I listen to the Food Channel instead.

Perseus said...

Looking through my Top 10, there might be one you know Puss. It was a JJJ staple, apparently. The rest is, I guess, obscure.

I don't think I have great taste in music as such. I just have my taste.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I trust Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, fuck off!! is on that list.

catlick said...

I recommend Bollywood dancing when pretending to clean the living room. Does nude vacuuming whilst listening to Doris Day count?

Melba said...

I always appreciate pedantry of any sort, Bob. I'm loving my reputation around here. Bimbo pedant moonshiner. I like it.

Melba said...

BTW Perseus, we haven't seen Pepsi around for a while.

Perseus said...

Maybe not commenting, but she's around.

Pepsi said...

So-so start old chap, I prefer No 11, whats next?

Hey Bob, can you do a top 9 of the 9 year decade? I'd like to see your list.

When I clean, if I clean, which is not often cause I have a cleaner, but if I do its to Black Rebel Mary Chain.

I washed the dishes to The Handsome Family last night but thats an acquired taste & I was feeling blue.

Hiya Melbs, I'm not currently daisy-chained to a desk so only squeeze in little spurts of lurking or I'm so in awe of Ramon that I'm too shy to comment on his posts - pick whichever one you like (and I'm a couple of months behind on your diary & need to catch up - you've only just split with Patrick).

patchouligirl said...

Honestly for housework I would put on Doobie Brothers or Jamiroquai. If this sounds awful, I invite you to go back and listen to Melt Banana again and imagine doing the housework while being shrieked at by a psychotic Japanese woman.

homesick said...

I often have Triple J onlive stream thoughout the day over here .Seeing as I tend to do the housework at about 2am (your time) whilst all you little bunnies are asleep, I tend to get either Norwegian Death Metal or if its Friday I enjoy dusting to an endless stream of doof-doof tunes.

Howabout some more Top Ten compilations from both yourself and LB Pers... Top ten songs to fight/BBQ/have sex/feed the cat to.

Dr. Golf said...

Buck 65 is the man. A bit like a rapping Johnny Cash.

Also recommend the Talkin Honky Blues album, particularly Wicked and Wierd and Craftsmanship.

He hosts an afternoon drive-time slot over here with CBC Radio 2.

Puss In Boots said...

See, if I was to do a Top 10 of all time (because I can never remember what has been released when), it would just be songs I really liked, and wouldn't be based on their actual musical merit. I find there are heaps of songs which everyone raves about, and I just find irritating. Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt included. He ruined that song, as far as I'm concerned.

eat my shorts said...

is that my garden got weeded until the point that my hand cramped and went into a semi-permanent claw and I had to stop.

Oh, you and your euphemisms.

We played one Thursday night at a pub called 'The Republic' which is their version of Melbourne's The Espy. It is the place to play.

Which also used to be the Empire Hotel back in the day and was run by Maxie Walker's old man.

They have really good food at the Republic too. At least, they did when I had my last graduation & my Ma 'n Pa took me out for tea.

WitchOne said...

Ahhh EMS, I was hoping to skip over The Republic reference, my ex husband hangs out there, he's a drummer, and a bassist, and a lead guitarist and plays a pretty good keyboard.

I have no doubt Pers met him.

eat my shorts said...

They say, WitchOne, that it's a small world.

I'm tempted to say: "Drummer, bassist, lead guitarist and keyboard player - and you let someone with all those finger skills go?", but if you let him go, he was probably a cuntcunt, so I won't say it.

So did you spend some time in our fair isle as well?

WitchOne said...

Travelled there as a teen, came home 5 years later with a husband. Who happened to be a muso.

Sorry, make that chronically unable to stay employed in a "normal" job while not really pursuing his dream of full time muso ness, like the old days, in Tassie, you know?

Heard of Aurora? The band that is.

Yeah. Him. Apparently most popular back in the day, in schools. Imagine.

WitchOne said...

Mind you, I do love Tassie. Very much. I have friends and family there still and I never get sick of the scenery. I've always been convinced you need to actually TRY to get a house without ocean views.

eat my shorts said...

Aurora - I have heard of them, but never saw them.

That's pretty accurate about houses & water views down here. I'm in a grotty 1 br flat & even I can glimpse the river from my lounge room.

Melba said...

Okay I liked this one. Off to a good start. He annoyed me with his shonky Americain pronunciation of "a bientot" and Frida Kahlo's surname.

The first half was a little dull, I liked the pace pick up in the middle, I loved the music, not sure about his delivery but in the end it worked for me. I can imagine you vacuuming to this Perseus. In your suit.