Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank Kautsky it's Thursday!

Zemiro, J. 126 (not out)

Well, it’s Thursday and I could almost vomit with excitement.

Exciting fact number one. The first test against the West Indies kicks off today, with the prospect of months and months of Test cricket on the television. Yay!

True it’s not The Ashes but meh – you can’t have everything.

Exciting fact number two. The Mrs and I are off to St Kilda tonight to attend a live taping of Rockwiz.


Julia Zemiro!!

Test cricket!!!
Could life get any better? I think not!

If, when you’re watching this Rockwiz episode on the television, you hear somebody in the audience shout out “Julia, I love you! Open the batting for Australia!!”, then that’s probably me.

Getting a bit excited.


Melba said...

If the limoncello was ready, I would insist you and the Mrs stop off for a pre-Rockwiz imbibe. But as it's not, I won't. Have fun though.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Thanks Melba.

I plan to squeal like a schoolgirl throughout.

Melba said...

The best type of squealing, I do believe. Better than a stuck pig even.

squib said...

the prospect of months and months of Test cricket on the television

I'm so excited.

I just can't hide it.

Melba said...

I know I know I know I know

You feel good.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It's a great way of bonding with Mr Squib, Squib.

squib said...

I already bonded by watching YouTubes of cars with him, last night

That's above and beyond the call of duty

catlick said...

Is it broadcast live? Should I watch my 1st episode? I hope you have a crudely drawn TSFKA sign to hold up.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

The show is taped in front of an audience and broadcast later Catlick.

If they show any of the audience, look for a bloke sitting next to the woman with a long-suffering look on her face.

squib said...

Can't you wear a red carnation or something?

Kettle said...

Squib what were the cars doing in their YouTubes?

And Ramon, I reckon we'll be able to pick you in the audience. You'll be the only one wearing a winter hat and a heavy over-coat with a Russian Social Democratic Labour Party badge on the collar, right? Easy peasy.

squib said...

We're getting a new car, Kettle and so we were looking at our proposed car strutting its stuff. Sad people that we are. I was quite fond of one YouTube which featured our car and one Robert Pattinson. I asked if we could watch it again

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I could wear my Kevin07 t-shirt if people like.

Kettle said...

Good plan, Ramon; I vote you wear Kevin07. But don't forget to tell us who's actually on the show being filmed tonight so we know when to tune in. Wouldn't want to miss some two-year-old election paraphenalia getting another airing.

You mean that hot and steamy love chunks Robert Pattinson? Squib just what kind of car are you buying?

squib said...

It's a vampire car, Kettle

Kettle said...

The car itself is a vampire, or it's a car for vampires? If it's the former, I think you've just come up with this decade's Jurassic Park/Jaws.

squib said...

The world of cinema needs us, Kettle. A vampire car love story. Herbie meets Twilight

Dr. Golf said...

Dont get me wrong, I really like Julia, except for one part which annoys the hell out of me (and it’s not her nose).

I can’t stand it when she does that backwards point to the band to get them to start or stop playing. It probably seems fairly superficial, but I’m a superficial guy. I can’t ignore it. It reminds me of Daryl Sommers’ signature chop move.

I’ve noticed she doesn’t do it as often as she used to, so hopefully it’s being phased out.

Kettle said...

Squib if I had any kind of artistic ability I'd mock up some vampire-Herbie-meets-hot-blood-sucking-love-chunks-types posters for pre-production. As I'm bereft of such abilities I'll just have to enjoy this ghoulishly romantic mental image instead, *sigh*.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You mean this sort of film, Kettle.

Also I have a hangover, so no PSF today.

Ow, ow, ow.



Kettle said...

Ramon I don't know whether to be disappointed that our vampire-vehicle movie may already have been made, or delighted that there's possibly a whole vampire-vehicle genre.

For PSF, maybe we can all take a quiet moment to think of a Michael Dransfield poem while you take a quiet moment to down a raw egg and some tomato juice?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Yesterday's Rockwiz was one of the greatest days in my life.

Oh, apart from my wedding.

And the birth of my son.

But certainly up there.

Perseus said...

When's it on?

Are you in the Kevin07 shirt?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

It'll be on sometime over Christmas.

I'm way up the back.

wari lasi said...

My daughter (the older one, not Emma) is going to be on the telly tonight. I don't know what the show is but it's on Channel 10 at 7. She got interviewed at schoolies. I hope she wasn't pissed or anything stupid, but I don't suppose she would have told her mother to look out for it if she was.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

They've announced this Rockwiz will be on this Saturday night (19th).

I'll be the one shouting out crap.