Sunday, April 11, 2010

Man v Cat

Discussing Death with George Clooney

My cat had to be put down recently. She went to sleep on my lap after having green liquid injected into her front right paw. She was 11, had FIV all of her life and finally succumbed to cancer of the liver. She now lies buried in my garden under a quite grand rock.

My grandfather died the following day. He was 92, suffered from chronic pomposity and finally succumbed to something along the lines of old age. He hadn't recognised me since 1976 and should've been given the option of the green liquid some time ago. He remains on ice as everyone waits for his oldest son to return from an overseas trip which he ain't planning on cutting short.

Frankly, I'm much more upset about the cat.


Melba said...

Bob there's so much I need to say.

1. Is that really you and Georgeous?

2. Sorry about your cat (maybe that should have been number 1.)

3. Your grandfather hadn't recognised you since 1976? Really? Or is that writerly exaggeration? How so? Why? And all that.

4. Sorry about your cat. Really.

Melba said...

Actually it doesn't look like you. It looks like Our Perseus.

WitchOne said...

I'm so sorry! How devastating!

I lost a cat recently (yesterday), I think she was 3 months old, her name was Bella (she is truly beautiful and I am not imaginative), she owned me for about 3 hours, only 30 minutes of which I actually spent with her.

Turns out she is an intact female. One of the vets at our clinic likes her alot but that doesn't mean much. She still goes to the RSCPA Burwood on Monday, she is smokey grey (short hair) with amber eyes and amazingly affectionate.

My beloved asked me, nay, TOLD me, no. I have advised our relationship is not based on absolutes therefore I may well adopt this cat into our family if she doesn't have a home within the 14 day period the RSPCA give them prior to putting them down.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Bob. At the very least, I imagine that the green liquid was a little bit more pleasant than a bullet or a broken neck.

But I know where you're coming from with your grandfather. I still miss my old dog more than I ever missed mine. Then again, there's probably a lot of things I miss more than granddad. I remember the funeral being kind of awkward because nobody could think of anything nice to say about him. Everyone was just glad he was gone.

Kettle said...

I'm sorry about your cat, Bob. I sometimes think non-verbal companionship is the best kind: no bullshit.

My son is largely non-verbal and I'd rather spend eternity with him than, well, than most.

Sorry about your cat, dude.

Puss In Boots said...

One of the saddest moments of my life is when we had to put a cat of mine down when I was in high school. I still miss her. I'm really sorry about your cat, Bob. My two cats are not allowed outside (we live on a main road), and I'm always fearful of them escaping and getting run over. I would be devastated. I love those furry little critters so much.

I'm sorry about your grandad, too. He did live a pretty long life though.

Mad Cat Lady said...

Very sorry about your cat LB.

catlick said...

Sorry about the cat. The green dream will hopefully be available to us all one day. Of course we as a society can't be trusted with that.

There's a suggestion of Andrew Peacock, and a hint of polypi suckers goin' on with George's mouth.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You can have my cat, Bob.

She has a serious personality disorder though.

I wonder if George Clooney has a cat?

Mad Cat Lady said...

I also have a couple of spares, dude.

catlick said...

I wonder if George Clooney has a cat?
...................... Ramon, do you want me to say it? Do ya?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Come again, Catlick?

catlick said...

...well I bet he gets plenty of pussy... boom tish

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Of course.

How silly of me not to have seen that one coming.

Perseus said...

It kinda looks like me, but in ten years' time, and after eating a very sour lolly.

I hope it's not me. I don't think it is, but I might be wrong.

Melba said...

I thought you'd met all sorts of famous peoples, Persey.

The Danish model for one. You might have met George.

Lewd Bob said...

Thank you all for you condolences. For the cat. She is missed.

Melba, that is indeed me (on the right). And I look nothing like Perseus. Nor does George who, by the way, I found a little two dimensional on that particular evening.

And to answer your point 3, you're not supposed to ask about writerly exaggeration. Do you know how long it took for me to decide on 1976. I felt it was the funniest sounding year.

Anonymous said...

George who, by the way, I found a little two dimensional on that particular evening.

I thought something looked off about his head.

Melba said...

Wow, it doesn't look like you Bob. And it has to be the worst photo in existence of Clooney. I can't believe I am (sort of) one degree of separation away from him.

And hah about 1976. It was an ace year for me. Form One, treads, Crystal Cylinder surfwear and skateboards.

Kettle said...

I reckon that Clooney cut-out has a touch of the Malcolm Turnbull about him. Were you gate-crashing some Liberal function, Bob? Sneaking a bit of vodka in the Conservative fruit-punch? Nice work!

eat my shorts said...

Poor cat. Poor pops.

Poor Clooney.

Lewd Bob said...

it doesn't look like you Bob

It was a little while ago. Further, the photo was taken on someone's cheap, dodgy phone which makes everyone lose a dimension.

1976 for me was prep.

And Kettle, I strenuously deny attending anything even remotely large 'L' Liberal, and I wouldn't want to put vodka in their punch for fear of them having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Have you filled out a bit since that photo was taken, Bob? I'm trying to think back to that short film and that other photo you posted.

Puss In Boots said...

I was -6 in 1976.

When I first saw that photo, I thought it looked like George. Then I looked again, and I was convinced it wasn't him. There's something not right about his face. But perhaps just because it was taken a while ago, and is blurry, and he's clearly mid-talk.

Anonymous said...

His face looks flat, Puss. That's what gives it that Turnbull sort of quality.

Pepsi said...

Bob is still hot.

The standee is not.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Cath said...

My maternal grandfather was a complete arsehole, and he has not been missed by anyone in the family since his demise circa 1986.

The loss of your beloved feline friend, on the other hand, brings me to tears and reminds me all too much of the fragility of life and that one day my own little pussycat will depart. I plan on taking bereavement leave, and if anyone questions its validity, I will happily poke them in the eye with a barge pole.

Vale Bob's Pussy.

Anonymous said...

I had a cat once. We named him Yoni. Few people understood.

Melba said...

What's that? Greek for dog or something?

And thanks everyone for making me feel pretty fucking old.

Which I guess I am.

Which I guess is my own fault for saying it on here.


Oh fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Melba, Yoni is vagina* (pussy, geddit?) in some Asian language; Indian I think.

*The literal translation is "heavenly passage" or "source of life" or something, but you get the gist.

Puss In Boots said...

Don't worry Melba, I'm old in spirit.

Mr E Discharge said...

And thanks everyone for making me feel pretty fucking old.

Sweat Thee not Fair Melba.

When I see comments from Lewd Bob saying "I was in Prep in 1975", I just smile and remember that in 1974 I got my first blow job in the back seat of Marlene Dietrich's Rolls Royce.

In all of human history, our formative years occured at time when both sex and drugs where at their most affordable, and the music wasn't bad either.

Anonymous said...

Did you used to pinch cars when you were a teenager, Mr E?

But yeah, you shouldn't be concerned about your age Melba. As long as you've got your marbles and everything still works, what difference does it make? Also, provided you've kept yourself in decent condition and nothing unforeseen happens, you should have a good 30+ years left in you. That's not anything to be sneezed at.

Lewd Bob said...

When I see comments from Lewd Bob saying "I was in Prep in 1975"

I wasn't gloating, after all, I turn 40 this year. It was merely a statement of fact.

And there's plenny younger then me here. I'd say I was in the older half.

Fad MD said...

I just smile and remember that in 1974 I got my first blow job in the back seat of Marlene Dietrich's Rolls Royce.

Since Marlene was over 70 at the time, I'm hoping she removed her false teeth.

eat my shorts said...

I wasn't even a twinkle in my dad's eye in 1975.

But I'm pretty sure I'm not the youngest here.

squib said...

I reckon that Clooney cut-out has a touch of the Malcolm Turnbull about him.

Noooo! You have ruined George for me

How could you do that?

Lewd, sorry about your cat

Kettle said...

Sorry Squib, it was a quiet day here at Casa de Kettle.

Hey, how was your holiday?

squib said...

Hiya Kettle, see kraken post