Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Morning Hotties

In order of spunkiness

1. MrSquib (in case he's reading this but also because he is the hottest dishwasher stacker in town).

2. Robert Pattinson. It should be a crime to be that good looking

3. Mr Thornton. We are eloping very very soon

4. Jareth. I will never understand why Sarah didn't stay with the Goblin King. Never! *

5. Paul Keating circa early nineties

6. Cary Grant. He knew how to wear a suit

7. Dylan Moran. Sexy even with fungi in his hair

8. Bill Nighy. Sexy even (in fact, especially) with tentacles

9. Captain Jack Sparrow. I will never understand the Orlando Bloom crowd. Never!

10. George Clooney. Sexy and smart. Keep those Nespresso ads rolling

11. Keanu Reeves. Hot alien in suit

12. Barack Obama. He's the man with the plan

13. Ewan McGregor. Check out that sporran

* okay maybe cos she was 15 and it was illegal


squib said...

Sorry there seems to be too much spacing?

Boogeyman said...

How come Perseus and Ramon didn't make this list?

Was it the puffy pirate shirts and double-breasted suits, respectively?

Alex said...

Keanu Reeves? I watch quite a few rubbish movies and enjoy quite a few rubbish performances, but Keanu Reeves? Granted, he's easy on the eye, but how did the man ever become an actor?

Fair choice on everyone else though.

squib said...

Alex, Keanu got in because he has that brooding thing happening

Boogey, what a terrible oversight! They would of course be 14 and 15. And you would be 16 for your impeccable grasp of the English language

Boogeyman said...

What? I came in behind Perseus and Ramon?

I knew I tore a hole in the space-time continuum by agreeing twice with Perseus, but I didn't realise I also fell through it into some sort of bizarro parallel world.

Alex said...

I guess one person's brooding is another person's bland and wooden.

squib said...

You are a whingey lot

Boogeyman said...

We like your selection, Squib.

Ramon and Perseus haven't commented because they're too busy preparing their acceptance speeches and their sequined mankinis for the swimsuit section.

Cath said...

Where is Colin Firth aka MR DARCY!!!???

kitten said...

Keanu should be number 1 as he is totally beautiful. Is there room for Ricky Martin?

I would agree Mr Darcy (the character not the actor, just so no-one is confused at the distinction) should also be on the list.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Thank you squib.

I'd like to thank Kruddy, Jules, Penny and the rest of the gang who made this all possible.

Alex said...

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so critical of someone else's personal preferences. Even if one of them can somehow manage to be the poor man in the room with Dolph Lundgren, Ice T and a bionic dolphin. As Kitten suggests though, he is most definitely the prettiest.

Pepsi said...

Dear Squib,

Someones hottiest can be someone elses lukewarm puddles.

JD is an exception, though I am constantly amazed at how unsexy and bland Robert Pattinson is to me but I'm not exactly the right demographic for him. He just seems so one dimensional.

Tim Rogers holds a special place in my hotties heart and is probably the longest stayer in the hotties category that I have.

Perseus list didnt do much for me either except for Polly Jean but since he cant spell Kim Gordans name right, he's lost all my respect anyway.

If Monica Bellucci tapped me on the shoulder and said, Hey Peps, how about it? I'd be there in a flash, and if she brought her husband along, I'd be in hotties heaven.

Have a nice day.


Leilani said...

Where's David Tennant? And a young Elvis?

kitten said...

When I was in London I went to see the Matrix Reloaded on IMAX. A giant sized naked Keanu. Life doesnt get any better.

Even on IMAX he has the most perfect skin. You could see every blemish and pimple on the other actors' faces, but not even so much as a blocked pore on Keanu. To be that perfect perhaps he is an alien.

eat my shorts said...

Well good for Mr Squib! There is something about a man who stacks the dishes properly.

Cary Grant: Oh my word. Yes.

Dylan Moran: I concur.

George Clooney: Oui.

Barack Obama: Oui, oui.

Ewan McGregor: Oui, oui, oui!

Gawd, I'm all overcome.

The others: I've got nothing to say about them, but the ones I agree with you on, I agree with you so much that it makes up for it.

My additions would be: Andrew Lincoln (the dude from Love Actually and Teachers), Jeff Goldblum and Russell Brand.

Ophelia said...

"I guess one person's brooding is another person's bland and wooden."
Hahaha, could not have put it better Alex!

However, you may all now jeer at me as I suggest Brad Pitt - the buffed "Troy" or "Fight Club" versions, as opposed to the "Benjamin Button" version.

Leilani said...

OK EMS were you joking when you said Russell Brand? Please tell me you were. I've never liked him but I've just finished reading his autobiography so that my hatred would be informed. It worked. But on top of that he's like, REPULSIVE to look at.

eat my shorts said...

OK EMS were you joking when you said Russell Brand? Please tell me you were. I've never liked him but I've just finished reading his autobiography so that my hatred would be informed. It worked. But on top of that he's like, REPULSIVE to look at.

I never said it wouldn't be dirty.

Don't judge.

I actually thought I'd get shit for Jeff Goldblum.

eat my shorts said...

And, I'm just going to throw this one out there for the ladies of TSFKA. Do your preferences change depending on the time of the month?

Because I tend to be more of a George Clooney, Barack Obama, Cary Grant kinda gal when everything's, er, normal. And then when Aunt Flo's about it's all about the Russell Brand and Jeff Goldblum and, well, some others I won't mention. (And before anyone starts, c'mon, we know which of our readers are circumcised don't balk at a little mensies talk).

And speaking of Aunt Flo, I actually have a great great aunt whose name is Flo. For reals. She's a nice lady, but I don't see her as much as the other one.

eat my shorts said...

Hur hur. "Mensies".

Gah. Yunno what I mean.

Perseus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Perseus said...

You can't sepll her name right either, Pepsi.

Who the hell is Robert Pattinson?

A fine list, as good and bad as any other list, Squib.

I'd have Mitchell Johnson in my list.

I'm feeling very unpopular. I've lost Pepsi's respect, EMS won't speak to me, Gingatao thinks I'm racist and Puss reckons I'm dead to her because I have an I-phone. Meanwhile, Boogeymand and I are agreeing on things. I feel like I'm in topsy-turvey land.

kitten said...

Oh, and how can I forget the thinking woman's crumpet - the utterly gorgeous Anderson Cooper.

Do a google images search - I think if you like George/Cary/Obama you will really love Anderson.

Angie66 said...

After lurking for so long, THIS is what gets me out into the sunlight...

I need to suggest Oded Fehr (Ardeth Bay in "The Mummy") as an obscure but extremely worthy addition to the list. I would post a pic but don't know how, but he is one fine specimen and one of the few men I consider better with a beard.

Oh, and leave my boy Keanu alone! I submit "The Gift" as (perhaps the only) evidence that he can, in fact, act.

Also, Robert Pattinson looks better as Cedric Diggory...and speaking of Harry Potter actors I'm rather partial to Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy.

OK, enough.

Cath said...

Personally, I like my crumpet a la Alan Rickman style. "Truly Madly Deeply" = SWOON-fest.

Zac Efron is a honey, but way too young. I feel dirty thinking about him.

And I would have Mark Ruffalo crumple my sheets any day of the week.

Perseus said...

Welcome, Angie. Now that you've made your debut, stick around. The more the merrier.

I thought Keanu Reeves was brilliant in River's Edge.

Angie66 said...

Thank you, Perseus. I'm here most days, usually when I should be doing some work.

squib said...

I prefer to call my Aunt Flo 'The Curse'

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Apparently, the French say "The English have arrived".

Leilani said...

EMS, yes totally understand the ovulation bad boy thing. I used to have Latham fantasies at that time of the month.

But Russell Brand will never, EVER get into my fantasies.

Did anyone answer you Perseus? Robert Pattinson is the star of Twilight, teenage vampire craze sweeping the puberty-aged all the world over. He played Cedric in the Harry Potter movies.

Angie66 said...

So many euphemisms for "that time of the month". My favourite is "arts and crafts week in my knickers".

(Still want me to hang around, Pers?)

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

"I've got the painters in".

Leilani said...

I'm not a fan of "on the blob."

homesick said...

"It's the time of the month were I can legally kill you".. but I digress

I'm more with the "as I get older my tastes change" Ask a 23 year old Homesick and she'd scream "Keanu nekkid" and now at 42 I tend to lean toward the Viggo (Russian role),Grohl(24/7),Gerard Butler, Mr Depp (the pirate and Benny) and Andre 3000 (obvious).Perseus is a late night fantasy but then he went and posted pics... nice arse and I do love goths but he became, well.... 'real'.

Spouse and I often play the "golden ticket' game. If you had the opportunity who would you choose to use your golden ticket on. Married and de facto may only play.

Mine tend to change weekly, but spouse always goes with Johannson and Dianne Keaton circa Annie Hall

Perseus said...

"Perseus is a late night fantasy but then he went and posted pics"

This really isn't my week with the ladies of TSFKA.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Cripes, Pers. is having a rough trot.

His interweb girlfriends are dumping him left, right and centre.

Perseus said...

I know! I'm single in real life, and now I feel just as single on the webs.

Sigh. Puss. I put up with her hatred of Sonic Youth and The Catcher In The Rye, but one I-phone purchase and bang, I'm out the e-door.

In other news, I turn 40 next week. Prepare yourselves for self-loathing, misery-laden lamentable posts next week.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Can't wait.

BTW - this is why I will never post a photo of myself.

homesick said...

Oi Pers you dumped me first. I was all over your Greek god butt but you pushed me aside.

Anyway you're more a "teen" man rather than a "cougar" fancier.

homesick said...

How could I omit my #1 hotty..

Seth McFarlane.. anytime any place anywhere.

And Spouse has OK'd this as my golden ticket choice.

Boogeyman said...

Spouse and I often play the "golden ticket' game.

Here in the West we call that the 'free-go list'.

As I am single, my free-go list theoretically includes everyone (of legal age) in the world.

But I think the rules are the list has to have a limit (five or so) and be cleared with your partner first.

eat my shorts said...

But I think the rules are the list has to have a limit (five or so) and be cleared with your partner first.

It's technically not related to the free-go rules, but this kinda, sorta reminds me of an argument I was having with my brother about how many people you can date (at the same time, but not at the same time if you catch my drift) before it becomes a tad slutty.

He said five.

But he also said that whatever I thought I could "get away with" (his words, not mine), I should times that by about a hundred and that's what men think they can "get away with".

He also tells me I shouldn't go on a second date with a man if he didn't pay for dinner on the first date. Then I said I could at least pay for myself, if not both of us on the second date and he was all, "Hell no!"

It was such an enlightening conversation, I never knew my little brother had such gentlemanly advice to give. I'm more comfortable with the image of him as the one stealing my Little Golden Books as opposed to giving me grown-up, dating men advice.

eat my shorts said...

EMS won't speak to me

No, no, no. I am speaking to you, I just said you can't talk to me. Not until that beer is gone, at least.

I think it'd be better for both of us if you'd just lie to me and tell me you drank it yesterday or something.


Louche said...

My favourite euphemism is, 'riding the cotton pony'.

The list is mighty fine, but lacking Mark Ruffalo and the guy who plays McSteamy on Greys.

patchouligirl said...

My hottie list would include Patrick Swayze (dirty dancing days and Michael Klim - I dont know why but I always liked him.

Desci said...

When I go through 'that time of the month', I call it 'bleeding from my vagina'.

Melba said...

I agree Desci. None of these Victorian or post-modern eupehmisms for me. In our household, a penis is a penis, not a doodle. A vagina is vagina, or, more accurately a vulva, not a flower, or front bottom. A bottom is generally a bottom, but the kids know what an anus is.

How are children going to grow up looking the world and all its people in the eye if they can't say the words "penis", "vagina" and "period" without sniggering or resorting to coy, simpering, lame language?

Lewd Bob said...

Why don't you step it up a notch, Melba. Go with standard porn terminology such as Cock, Pussy and Titties.

squib said...

In our house, a penis is a wee-wee, so is a vagina, breasts are milkies, and a fart is a fluff

Perseus said...

In my house, vaginas are scarce.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Where is David Tennant?

*weeps and sobs*

Melba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melba said...

When they're 18 I'll upgrade the language. And personally I prefer the raw harshness of "tits" to the Benny Hill schoolboyness of "titties."

Alex said...

I have the same preference as Melba when it comes to 'tits' vs 'titties', but isn't 'boobs' more common anyway?

For some reason, I have a distaste for the word 'pussy', but am quite fond of the word 'cunt'. I haven't heard 'moot' or 'mick' used much outside of country areas. 'Dick' seems pretty universal.