Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The unbearable lightness of Complex Shit

Sometimes you can be too ironic and monumental for your own good, as evidenced today by this story from The Age. Artist Paul McCarthy had been purportedly "subverting the complex landscape" according to the Paul Klee Centre's website with his giant inflatable dog turd piece entitled 'Complex Shit'. Problem was, the Complex Shit was picked up by a high wind, snagged a power line and damaged a greenhouse before landing in the grounds of a children's home.

One wonders if the inmates of the children's home now have what psychologists might call a shit complex caused by the errant Complex Shit?

Who knows? Only time will tell.


Perseus said...

Speaking of Actaeon being eaten by his own hounds, this story would have been even better if the artist was sitting at the inflatable kitchen table inside his inflatable dog poo house at the time it blew away.

Why can't artists just paint pictures and make sculptures of people and things like the good old days?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Modern art!

When will we ever learn!

Mahalia Jackson said...

If they were Jeff Koons chrome turds they would never have blown away.

Fad MD said...

Sounds like a less impressive version of the Pink Floyd pigs, which have habit of becoming untethered and roaming the skies.

Mr E Discharge said...

Outdoor activities at the Childrens Home carried on undeterred.