Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Useless goose finally goes


In breaking news, it’s been announced goose-in-chief Andrew Jaspan is leaving the Melbourne Age.

Two points.

Firstly, I can’t say I’m really sorry. The man was a clown who didn’t understand Melbourne and filled what should have been Victoria’s leading broadsheet with dodgy bloggers, opinion pieces from his mates in the English media and political writers who seemed to have difficulty understanding how politics actually works in this country.

Secondly, I predicted this some weeks ago.

Please consider Ramon’s Shit-hot Political Consultancy Group for all your political consultancy needs.

Remember – we prevent you from sounding like a clueless cunt.


wari lasi said...

Are we all having a break listening to Hillary?

Anonymous said...

So with his departure can we also wave goodbye to the useless bloggers?

We should run a competition - most annoying blogger attached to a major news organisation.

wari lasi said...

Jack Marx will probably win. But is News still considered a "major news organisation"? And for the record, I don't mind Jack.

Hillary kicked butt. Great speech.

Anonymous said...

Who's Hillary? Oh right, that also-ran who "coulda bin a contendah". I wonder if her rabid supporters will ever:

a) realise she lost fair and square, and vote for the actual Democrat nominee,
b) vote for the Republican, because any revenge is good revenge, or
c) stay home and sulk.

For my vote for most annoying blogger, I vote Ann Warwick, of Squanderlust.

wari lasi said...

Her speech was quite a surprise boogey. I didn't think she'd be quite so gracious in defeat either, particularly as she didn't even get the offer of running mate.

Anonymous said...

Wari, I think The Onion got it right here.

wari lasi said...

It will be very exciting to see what they're capable of destroying

You really are the king of links today. Great article.

I stayed home this morning to get some important work done. So much for that. I'm going to have to deny myself browsing access.

Kerces said...

Can Ramon’s Shit-hot Political Consultancy Group run me up a quick analysis of how voting for NSW local government elections work? I've emailled all the psephologists I know (probably more than the average person...) to no avail.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

For enough dosh Kerces, we can not only do that - we can guarantee the electoral result you want.

Now that's customer satisfaction.