Friday, August 29, 2008

Sorry Dennis, Costello the Yellow isn't going to run

The Mad Monk is at it again with a piece coming up in Quadrant magazine, describing Peter Costello as the Liberal Party's "best political asset".

Tone writes

"So much turns on whether he recovers the will to serve, which so clearly (if understandably) wavered in the aftermath of the last election.

"Only Peter Costello can decide whether to carry the tag of 'greatest prime minister Australia never had

Tone, Tone, Tone, get over it sweetie. Costello ain’t going to run, not now, not anytime in the future. He said in November last year that he would be leaving the Parliament “at some time in the future” and nothing has changed.

The sooner the Libs get over their Messiah complex, the better.

The divine Ms G also weighs in with a choice crack

Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard joined the fray, calling Mr Costello's upcoming memoirs "a book with spine from a politician without one".

But the best putdown comes from “Michael” in the comments section.

If costello is the best asset they have its time to blow out the candles because the party is over.

Michael, I salute you sir. You can come over and write for TSFKA anytime.


Boogeyman said...

I'd applaud Julia for that fine barb, except it was adapted from one of her mentor, PJK.

Come on Abbott, challenge Dr Nelson for the leadership. You know you want to. Perhaps Costello might agree to stay on as your sidekick.

Perseus said...

"Only Peter Costello can decide whether to carry the tag of 'greatest prime minister Australia never had.”

Well, Peter Costello and every other person on Earth with an opinion on the matter.

If I was to vote for who is the Greatest Prime Minister Australia Never Had I would vote for either:

Winston Churchill
Johnny Rotten
The Easter Bunny
Madame Bovary

Smithathome said...

Gary Ablett

Smithathome said...


wari lasi said...

Boogey, you refer to the "old jellyback" comment? And that was at his own colleague, RJLH, it was seriously on the money.

I think you can turf a fair bit of rubbish Costello's way, but spineless ain't it. And it is indeed a tragedy for conservative politics in this country that he really is their best asset right now.

We all know how I feel about Ms G, but she's off the mark there. Her boss on the other hand ... not exactly iron-will Kev, that's for sure.

Boogeyman said...

No, I refer to PJK's comment that Costello was a "shiver in search of a spine".

wari lasi said...

Thanks for that boogey. No great fan of PJK's, but could the guy speak! "A tongue that could clip a hedge", is my favourite description of him. I wish I could credit it.

You too are up early for a Sunday.

christian said...

Just dropped by to let Ramon know that my sister's owls have now got at least three chicks. Do you want to raise one? You could train it to sit on your shoulder.

WitchOne said...

Doesn't Boogey have kids too?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

"All tip and no iceberg."

PJK on Costello.

Gosh, thanks for sharing that Christian.

could train it to sit on your shoulder.

I'd rather train it to sit in my oven.

christian said...

Baking owls? I had no idea you were a pikey, Ramon, er... member of the Romany community.

Boogeyman said...

What does roast owl taste like, Ramon? Anything like chicken?

Wari, I was up early booking cinema tickets online. Ahh, internet. Is there anything it can't do?

wari lasi said...

I had to duck off and catch the plane back to sunny Pom. I got sunburnt at the rowing again by the way boogey, what a great town Brisvegas is.

Speaking of shit places to live, how's Sydney's traffic this morning? Any northside dwellers actually made it to work yet?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I stand shoulder to shoulder with oppressed ethnic minorities around the world, Christian, no matter how disgusting they are.

catlick said...

"Costello the Yellow"
Picture Tony at the upcoming Christmas party. It's Karaoke Time! and our Tone, high on endorphins, tightens his cilice and leaps on stage to perform his tribute; Donovan's timeless, yet prescient piece, "I'm Just Mad About Saffron" (he'd change the pronouns of course)