Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exclusive to TSFKA - Forthcoming Pope SMSs

  • menstr8ing wimmen r unclean
  • jews r going 2 hell 4 killing Xt
  • god h8s fagz, lol
  • unmarried sex, wtf?
  • god sez 2 cum inside ur dead bro's wife's vag 4 real*
  • pentecostals r n00bs
  • word, mary is da shiz
  • grrl priests, LMFAO
  • 7th day adventists, LMFAO
  • yo sexual abuse victims, brb
  • 4 sexy talk call 1800 xtremepell

* Genesis 38: 1-11


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

i iz infallible LoL!!

Perseus said...

"i didn't poyson pope john paul, ok?"

Louche said...

i iz bene's bitch, mmkay?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

You channelling Tony Abbott then, SLG?

Perseus said...

"pay ur tithes bitchz!!!"

I could do this all day.

Oh, oh...

"god sez it ok 4 yr daughters 2 rape u if u r pissed"

Anonymous said...

god sez 2 cum inside ur dead husband's wife's vag 4 real

Huh? This statement says that your dead husband's wife is yourself, that you are female (and thus cannot 'cum' in the biblical sense), and even if you could, you are cumming inside yourself. This is a thrice impossible act.

Gt ur act 2gthr, Pope perseus.

Perseus said...

Oh fuck, I over-edited.

I shall now fix the post, rendering your comment above redundant.

Desci said...

Champagne Loledy, Perseus.

Kerces said...

I wish he'd send a text saying cum bak 2 syd 2 feel my luv

I'm so over happy clappies invading our main street to spread the word. It's bad enough they're invading my inbox.

Stubbadub said...

I was stuck on a train last night with a whole heap of wyd kids, and jesus christ they are annoying. They were singing, laughing and just being altogether too happy for a Wednesday peak hour night.

I feel for my friend who lives in Randwick right opposite from the racecourse, she's going to have a hell of a weekend.

Tiger in a Tube said...

you've been ripped of by today's Crikey.

“Ey r-pe victimz.
Jus wanna say soz bout the abuse an stuff.
I tink we should put all this bhind us. Hbu?
The priests r goin to jail btw :-)
anyways I g2g cya l8er
1nce again, uber soz
gd luvs u, BXVI”

wari lasi said...

I can't believe I missed this yesterday.

Nice work perseus. I can't match the sms speak, so I'm not even going to try.