Wednesday, October 15, 2008

But what have the Romans ever done for us?

Minutes of the Socialist Workers Alliance Action Party, North Fitzroy branch.

Comrade Chair: “Comrades, we must take the fight up to the Rudd traitor, sell-out, bourgeois lackey government and declare an immediate general strike*. What have they ever done for us, the bastards?”

Comrade One: “Apologised to indigenous Australians?”

Comrade Chair: “Yes, well…”

Comrade Two: “Signed Kyoto?”

Comrade Chair: “OK, but…”

Comrade Three: “Abolished WorkChoices?”

Comrade One: “Got rid of mandatory detention?”

Comrade Two: “Told the Chinese to pull their heads in?”

Comrade One: “Cut the private insurance companies off the drip-feed?”

Comrade Chair: “OK, OK but apart from Kyoto, the apology, WorkChoices, mandatory detention, human rights and health care reform – what has the Rudd Government ever done for us?”

Comrade One: “Announced a $10 billion package aimed mainly at lower-income earners in a classic piece of Keynesian economic pump-priming?”

Comrade Chair: “Oh, fuck off!”

* It reminds me of that crack by Alexi Sayle. “Why do the SWP always call for a general strike? I mean, the last one was a rip-roaring, gob-smacking success, wasn’t it?”


Perseus said...

You have a man-crush, don't you?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Who on?

Perseus said...


When Mrs. INH and the boy go to bed, do you sit up in your dressing gown and have earnest discussions with Imaginary Kevin Rudd over a beer or two?

Caroline said...

Ramon I'm considering voting Liberal. For reals.

squib said...

hee hee

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Kevvie's not really my type.

I'm more of a Senator John Faulkner man.

Caroline said...

John Faulkner is a rhapsody in beige.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

That's a bit harsh, Caroline.

You filthy Tory, you.

Perseus said...

I used to like him when he was heading those Senate enquiry thingos. Probably because ALP was in opposition and that was the only chance he got to yell a lot. I swear his glasses used to fog up.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

"John Faulkner has authored and co-authored several books on the subject of representative government and the history of the Australian Labor Party."

Rock on, John!!!

wari lasi said...

I'm with Perseus Ramon. You've got it bad for Kruddy.

This is your most partisan piece ever.

I must grudgingly admit however that his "address" last night was well done and better than any of the 14 that Bush has presented since the "crisis" began.

Melba said...

Go Kev, now if only he would grow a moustache.

Anyone got any wolf nipple chips? They're lovely when they're hot.