Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh yeah, rock on baby!

My band did a show in a small but well-respected pub.

The venue forgot to advertise it, and when they finally remembered to put a sign out front, they got the night wrong.

Still, we have loyal fans.

Here’s the financial report.

$50 roundtrip petrol for me coming from Hicksville.
$60 petrol for everyone else ($10 each – we’re a 7 piece band)
$100 grog and snacks after the rider ran out

Entry was $8 a head. The venue holds about 150 people, and we filled it.

Only 80 bothered to pay – being that the venue didn’t provide a doorperson, it was left to whoever was closest.

80 x $8 = $640.

The sound-guy got $120 ($40 per band)
Support act 1 got $150*
Support act 2 got $250**
Venue takes $1 a head for some reason - $80
We gave the DJ a $20 tip
We gave the fill-in bass player $50
Less the $210 petrol and grog costs (above)
Less 4 x pills from some shady drug dealer we met in the loading bay at $30 each

Incoming $640
Outlays $1000

Result: Perseus and the Sea Creatures***: minus $360

We're doing a gig on NYE for $1000. We should come out square.

It’s a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

* Nobody came to see them, and they were shit.
** About 10 people came to see them, and they were pretty good.
*** Not our real name.


wari lasi said...

The thing I noticed was that you put the post in the "self-abuse" category.

catlick said...

So if you had a door bitch you'd be laughing.

Perseus said...

A more apt label I could not imagine.


I just realised but, NYE we don't have to worry about paying venue, support acts, DJ's and soundguys. So it'll just be petrol, booze, drugs and taxis (which will probably come to about $1000 anyway).

Perseus said...

Yeah, a doorbitch would have helped immensely. $560 immensely.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Comrade, you need a good spin-doctor to boost your media profile.

I'll do it for a six-pack of Coopers and some of the drugs.

Can't say fairer than that.

shitbmxrider said...

$30 for pills?

Gettin ripped, fella.

Perseus said...

Why thank you Ramon. Booze and pills it is. Would you like a band T-shirt with that?

Though a good spin-doctor still needs a product to spin. Right now, we're less a product and more a dishevelled gaggle of seven bogan drunk fuckheads who occassionally play gigs in order to pash equally drunk bogan girls.

We've been in the studio for the last month though. We'll have a product by Feb, and I'm going to take you up on that offer. If you sent one email out to one organisation, it will be more than we've done for ourselves in the past 3 years.

Perseus said...

They were pretty good, BMX.

Anonymous said...

It’s a very long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

I've noticed that many highly successful bands often record their songs onto what's called a 'CD' and sell it to people who can't or won't attend pub band nights.

Apparently they make quite a bit of money out of this business model.

But anyway, that aside, BPM could probably help your band to achieve the maximum profitability in relation to your customer base.

Perseus said...

Album 1: Recorded in 4 days when we didn't even know how the songs went. Record company went bankrupt the week before it was released. Still, one of our songs made it on to Victorian school curriculum, and one got onto British Airways in-flight programming. We saw not a cent. Sold 2,000 copies, never reprinted. I don't own a copy.

Album 2: We went lo-fi. Played through tin cans attached to tape deck by string. Mind you, the 'tape-deck' I refer to was sticky tape. Sold more in Portugal and Sweden than here. Under 2,000 sold. Too embarrassed to tell anyone it exists. Shithouse record.

EP 1: 2,000 Copies printed. Internal use only. Got some interest out of USA. We're on two compilation albums over there, one of which was to raise money for high-profile disaster. That of course was a freebie.

We might actually try on the next one.

Desci said...

Pers, how could you not own a copy of Frogstomp?

Perseus said...

I thought I was 'Jet'? In which case, the first album was called Get Fucked .

Anonymous said...

From wikipedia:

"Joel Madden of Good Charlotte claimed to have lost his virginity while listening to Frogstomp."

That's wrong in just so many ways. Perseus, I hope you're proud of the negative influence of your music on young emos.

Louche said...

That's why the Nerd stopped gigging. Unless your Jet and playing at Microsoft and other corporate gigs, its a big waste of money and time. Apart from the enjoyment factor and the groupies of course.

he used to have one tragic fan collect his guitar picks and wear them on a necklace.

Anonymous said...

You could always try uploading the stuff you couldn't sell to an online music sharing site like Jamendo. I doubt that you can make any money this way but I think the idea is that it raises your chances if people are, y'know, listening to your music. At the very least I suppose it could possibly have more of an effect than not doing it.

And you never know. Somebody might leave something in your virtual tips jar.

Might be a bit rough on the ego though if you find that you can't even give your stuff away.