Friday, October 17, 2008

Roseanne Barr is a moron.

The following is an angry tirade. It contains frequent strong language and use of the word “fuck-knuckle”. Readers of a nervous disposition may want to skip over and continue reading about Perseus’ love life.

This interview with Roseanne Barr in the Guardian had me roaming the office, biting chucks out of the office furniture in rage.

In particular, this bit;

She believes that society wants women "on anti-depressants so they are no longer creative or fierce". Has she taken anti-depressants? "Oh, hell yeah. There isn't anything that I haven't done. They dull your rage. People don't like angry women so they say, 'We're going to have to drug that bitch to get her to shut up. We will humiliate her and disenfranchise her, but first she has to shut up.' Oh yeah, I did those anti-depressants the last time I was famous. I needed to dull the horror of it.”

Well, I’m sorry about your life Roseanne, but you’re talking shit. Complete shit.

Depression is many things, but it isn’t about being “creative or fierce”. Depression is not about feeling rage, it’s about feeling nothing.

Depression is about feeling you’re falling, endlessly falling and you don’t know how to stop.

Depression is doing the washing-up and finding yourself weeping for no reason.

Depression is about drinking yourself into a stupor in the hope that maybe, just maybe, the terrible howling in your head will stop for a while.

Depression is about sitting out in the backyard after midnight with a bottle of red wine, holding a knife* to your wrist while the little soundtrack in your head says “doitdoitdoitdoit**”.

I’m sick of this stupid myth that anti-depressants will turn you into a zombie, a robot.

Well, it fucking doesn’t – not if you have a good doctor who listens to you. This myth means many people who can get the medical help they need – don’t.

And that’s not something I’d wish on anybody. Not even Roseanne Barr.

*You know that very, very very sharp knife you normally use for slicing up onions and garlic. That one.

**Happily my soundtrack is now “Going Underground” by The Jam. Much better, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Perseus said...

Great post.

Though it's not something I've personally encountered, from the examples of my mum, one of my sisters and my ex, I do know that anti-depressants were/are the difference between them being able to function in society and being violent or suicidal unfunctioning messes.

It's like she's saying, "Putting your broken arm into a sling is society's way of stopping you from using your limbs"

Louche said...

I heart anti-depressants.

I think some "older" people, like Roseanne and my own mother, associate anti-depressants with the old type which did make people all slow and drugged-out.

I don't appreciate R. making it a feminist issue either. Is it better that women are weeping hormonal messes stuck at home because they can't cope with leaving the house?

I don't suppose you've heard what Denis Leary said of autism? Classic example of celebrity fuckwit-speak.

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

In defence of Leary, Louche, he declared himself to be an ASSHOLE - A ... SS ... HO ... LE - many years ago.

Desci said...

I respect what she's trying to convey, about keeping women angry and creative... but fuck's sake this is an irresponsible thing to say.

I can see someone reading this, assuming that yes, every anti depressant makes one a zombie, taking it to heart and as a result not using medication that might save their life.

Boogeyman said...

I sometimes wonder if I need those, or just heaps more sleep. I just assumed I was a tired, apathetic, amotivated zombie most days because of years of accumulated sleep debt, for which I'm not sure there's medication to fix.

wari lasi said...

I was drinking (one of my favourite pastimes) at the yacht club one afternoon, about the time that Marcus Trescothick went home suffering from stress and depression. I must shamefacedly admit that I was giving the whole depression thing a bit of a rubbishing, "What ever happened to picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and pressing on?" type stuff.

Probably a good thing (didn't feel like it at the time) but one of the blokes at the table proceeded to demolish my dismissal of depression as a legitimate illness and not an excuse to avoid one's responsibilities. I recall him saying, "I hope for your sake you never find yourself in that dark place". This was a guy I'd known for a few years and I had no idea.

I've since read a good deal more on the topic and I very much hope that I never find myself in that very real "dark place".

And Louche, I've mentioned before Mrs L's work with Asperger's kids. Sometimes she's expressed frustration at the over willingness of parents to drug their kids to the extent that she can't work with them. But Leary denying that Autism exists, even for a joke, is pathetic.

Louche said...

I didn't think drugs were the usual course of treatment for Aspergers anyway - isn't it all about diet and early intervention these days? But yes, some people do see medication as a magic bullet. I think depression should be treated with counselling as well, in fact some people may only need a good shrink. Whatever floats your boat.

Boogey, chronic sleep deprivation can be a huge trigger for depression, it was for me. Bloody kids.

Ahh yes Jamie, but he used to be a funny asshole.

Boogeyman said...

Well, maybe. I find that most days I feel like I have a head full of cotton wool, and find myself unable to get interested in my work.

That could be depression, or it could just merely be the stultifying effect of government work. The question is, if I were a skydiving instructor, would I still sleepwalk through my day going "meh"?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Boogey, if you are worried then I would strongly recommend you see your doctor.

The good ones don't just hand out anti-depressants like lollies.

The doc can order a series of blood tests to rule out a physical cause and treatment can include CBT through websites like this one.

I was in a bad, bad way before I sought help and, as I say, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Not even Walt.

Louche said...

I second that advice. Maybe a career challenge (new role etc) would help too.

squib said...

I read that article Ramon and I think maybe we should be more forgiving. She's obviously had a dreadful life and she's a bit 'unwell' as in she thinks she's God and she talks to her dead father. Also she's American

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Oh, I agree she's bat-shit crazy and I did say I felt sorry for her in the original post.

But she's talking dangerous nonsense.

Caroline said...

If anyone out there is actually making medical decisions based on the rantings of a has-been shitcom star, as opposed to say, someone with actual qualifications, they've probably got more mental issues going on than just depression. Just sayin'.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Good point Caroline, but these people still think she's the duck's guts.

Caroline said...

Ramon the first comment on that thread read:

"Andra said...
That's pretty cool! Roseanne Barr gets 2 Swords of Awesome on my rather tough scale of services to women warriors everywhere."

Give me a good reason why that person does not fit the description in my earlier comment of someone who has more issues going on than just depression??

Caroline said...

Oh I see Desci is on their team! AHahahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah.

FFS Desci is hardly a benchmark of sanity. She hangs out with my brother.

catlick said...

I wonder if the language needs to evolve. "I'm depressed" is open to interpretation. Roseanne sound like she has conflated "Mother's little Helpers" (benzodiazepines/tranquilizers) with anti-depressants (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors).

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Catlick, Roseanne sounds like she's mixed up her benzodiazepines/tranquilizers with her selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors in a big jug and downed the lot - followed by a shot of vodka.

How many "Swords of Awesome" would you give her?

catlick said...

In gladiatorial splendour, I would stand over her scarred flubbery blood flecked body and after getting the thumbs down, give her an awesome sword,or 2.

Leilani said...

Hey Boogey I share your pain but I thought it was the onset of a mid-life crisis hitting me.

And who is Roseanne to rally the troops against conforming to society's ideas of women? She jumped to the front of the queue for plenty of plastic surgery as soon as her pocketbook was overflowing with sitcom cash.

Desci said...

FFS Desci is hardly a benchmark of sanity. She hangs out with my brother.

Hey! I... That's... You don't... It's...

Oh, fuck off, cunt cunt.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Yes, leilani, but that was due to all those cats, stealing her energy.

Dess - you're cute when you get all flustered.

Mad Cat Lady said...

well gosh - so that's what the problem is

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Me: "Kitty, what are you doing?!"

Kitty: "Nuthin."

Me: "You're stealing my energy aren't you, you little furry cunt."

Kitty: "Maybe."

Andra said...

What a fun drunken discourse! I love that blogging allows people to make all sorts of frivolous and insulting comments freely and I'm glad you enjoy mine in the same spirit.

Puss In Boots said...

I don't drink, Andra, and I still think your comment was worthy of ridicule.

Swords of Awesome? Women warriors? You're right. Blogging does allow people to make all sorts of frivolous, and insanely stupid, comments.

catlick said...

So I wandered over and had a look.

"It is one of my first experiences of the generation gap. They are the prozac, post-feminist generation. We obviously see the world in a different way. They don't get women's oppression - is that because it doesn't exist in their world or have they been dumbed down to it?"

"But in the very "post everything" world in which we live in, it's very difficult to get anyone to express an opinion that is not cynical, sardonic, cute or just completely incoherent.

I love menopause as a state of mind. It is realising that my body no longer gives a damn about impressing anyone, so why should I conform to your expectations.. in any part of my life?"

So I ask, as a post menopausal woman, posting on this site, why should I conform to your expectations?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Well said, Comrade Catlick.

Boogeyman said...

Generation gap??

How old is this person? The last time I encountered a generation gap, I was feeding them vitamised meat and three veg at the nursing home.

But yunno, the kids of today, they don't understand nuthin'. Not like us old timers, eh?