Friday, December 5, 2008

The AFI horror, the AFI horror!

So, the AFI Awards.

The “Red Carpet” segment of this nonsense with be hosted by… Julia Zemiro!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, God, the dilemma.

Normally I’d rather have my eyes gouged out by owls than sit through this but, you know, Julia Zemiro!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose I could just watch the “Red Carpet” segment, but do I really want to listen to the current crop of nominees?

But still.

Julia Zemiro!!!!!!!!!!

In related news, could the current bunch of films up for a gong get any lamer? I could film my cat engaged in her favourite pastime of slowly destroying my record collection and it would be up for 11 major AFI Awards.

Has anybody actually seen an AFI nominated film this Year?


Julia Zemiro!!!!!!!!!!


Melba said...

Black Balloon = good

The Square = not very

An ex-blogger was in the Square, actuellement.

Anonymous said...

AFI = Australian Film or Football Industry awards? Perhaps the AFI and Brownlows could combine to to award both.

And Julia Zemiro was a good choice - very appropriate getting a redhead to host a red carpet segment.⸮

Aesophia said...

Haven't seen any of the films.

Have only seen 2 of the TV shows.

Only know one of the actor/esses, Noni Hazelhurst, from Playschool back in the day and before her and that other guy from Playschool got a divorce and she was on one of those home improvement shows.

Clearly not to be missed television.

Sorry Ramon, I'm not there with you for 'Julia Zemiro!!!!!!!!!!'.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Perhaps the AFI and Brownlows could combine to to award both.

Thus creating a giant black hole of tedium, sucking in all involved.

I like the way you think, Boogey.

And you're a jelus h8ter, Aesophia.

Mr E Discharge said...

Could it be that in the future, Genetic Engineers and Scientists could create a Zemiro - Gillard Hybrid, and clone them in sufficient numbers that we can all have one?


Aesophia said...

I may well be a jealous hater, Ramon, but certainly never a 1337-speaker.

Desci said...

The Jammed was fantastic. That was the one that couldn't get a release, and then the critics were all, 'but even though we never agree and our opinions are usually not worth anything, this is actually genuinely good, so wtf?' and now it's (deservedly) cleaning up at all the awards.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

I kept thinking The Jammed was about the band.

You'd be down for a Zemiro - Gillard Hybrid, wouldn't you, Dess?

Desci said...

Why yes, yes I would.

Zemiro could do with being a shade or three more Gilliardesque pale, especially with the red lippy she wears.

Gillard's a little too corporate-though-not-in-a-dominatirxy way for me, so some of Zemiro's quirky would work nicely.


social disaster said...


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Pining for a Zemiro - Gillard Hybrid of your own, SD?

Perseus said...

Based on your last post Ramon, if you tried to meld the artist Zemiro (thesis) with politician Gillard (antithesis) you may end up with some arts/letters/politics monster like Janet Albrechtson (synthesis).

patchouligirl said...

Is Zemiro the one with the big nose?

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Pers. I think the Zemiro - Gillard Hybrid would look more like this.

Her nose isn't that big, Patchie.

social disaster said...

You know what's worse than a Zemiro? A Zemiro with a fringe. Much h8.

catlick said...

The Zemiro-Gillard Hybrid would have to host RepKwiz, a re branded Question Time.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

So, did anybody actually watch the AFI Awards ceremony?