Monday, December 15, 2008

Are we still "all Hezbollah" now?

You may recall, at the time of Israel’s recent invasion of southern Lebanon, certain members of the “left” marched under the slogan of “we are all Hezbollah now”.

This was in turn a reference to the murderous fascist scum engaged in fighting the Israeli army.

Oh, I’m sorry; did I describe them as “murderous fascist scum”? I mean, of course, “heroic freedom fighters against western imperialism”.

Well, it seems the sons of fun in Hezbollah aren’t that keen on a free media, either*.

The Guardian reports;

In the run-up to its launch next week, the glossy quarterly Jasad ("body" in Arabic) has been generating plenty of curiosity and hostility as it prepares to take on some of the most powerful taboos in Arab culture.

Issue one of the Lebanese title includes articles on self-mutilation and cannibalism as well as stories on sexual themes by authors from Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Palestine. Pseudonyms are not permitted. Regular features will include Body-Talk, Voyeur's Corner and My First Ti

The paper also notes

Officials of Hizbullah, the powerful Lebanese Shia movement, tried to close Jasad's stand at this week's Beirut book fair.

The paper doesn't say what "tried to close" involved, but I'm guessing it wasn't a stern blog post.

You’d think, that at some point, certain people might be able to work out that Hezbollah really, really isn’t an organisation any rational leftist would care to embrace.

But comrades, don’t hold your breath.

*They’re not that fond of Jews either.

Or secularists.

Or democracy.

Or voting.

Or women


Perseus said...

Socialist Alliance love Hezbollah because Hezbollah hate Americans, and the entire premise of Socilaist Alliance is: My enemy's enemy is my friend.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Oh, true enough Pers, but you think at some point, somebody in Socialist Alliance would think to themselves "wait a minute".

Perseus said...

Nah - that's why they are in SA. Because they can't think.

I weep for the left, and I hate the right.

I'm 'south-wing'.

WitchOne said...

You could always be "superfluous third nipple wing" Pers.

At least then we'd all get some benefit, even if it was only the laughs.

Mr E Discharge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr E Discharge said...

Could I advise caution in accepting the views of a self identified "Media Spin Doctor" without considering the hidden agenda of the Masonic Zionists who control him.

Just sayin'.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Stuff and nonsense, Mr E.

Everybody knows I'm controlled by the international socialist conspiracy.

Whoops, I shouldn't have said that bit.

Now I'm going to get a pantsing at the next branch meeting!

Perseus said...

"Now I'm going to get a pantsing at the next branch meeting!"

That's all that ever happens at those meetings anyway.


Oh, news just in. Richmond recruited Ben Cousins.

Perseus......... 1
Sports Media ....0

Melba said...

What about Jenna, Perseus? Did she get a, er, guernsey?

Perseus said...

Jenna has been placed on the rookie list due to her double penetrative and forward thrusting ball skills.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

So, no doubts then about snatching up a hapless dope-head who'll self destruct four weeks into the season, Pers?

Melba said...

And who nobody else wanted to touch with a TEN FOOT POLE?

Lewd Bob said...

I think Richmond has made a risky but ultimately good decision.

It just might make the difference between finishing 9th by 4 points or finishing 9th on percentage.

WitchOne said...

Depends if the guy goes straight or not.

Choices, it's all about choices.