Monday, December 22, 2008

Much better, Punter!

A goose but at least he's managed to shave.

To those who doubt the power of TSFKA, I say - observe.

I was griping some months ago about Ricky Ponting, captain of the Australian Test team and scruffy slob - specifically his inability to shave before appearing before the media.

Well, the Seff Africans may have given us a complete pantsing but at least he's managed to locate the razor.

And in completely un-related news father of local nutjob, Terry Hicks, says his son won't go back to Afghanistan.

Well, bully for him.

Give up the murderous anti-Semitism as well Dave and you're well on the way to running in an un-winnable seat as a Green Party candidate.


Jamie said...

He's still a pretender, but...

wari lasi said...

I caught some of the cricket in between fishing.

The fishing was better. They seemed to do it so easily, and the second innings made Johnson's effort in the first look like a fluke.

Vale Australian Cricket. For the time being anyway.

homesick said...

This morning my Saffa spouse ranted on & on about how historical our thrashing by his lot was.

Even after I informed spouse that I "didn't give a flying fuck", he told me I was being immature and should look at the bigger picture and be less one eyed.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Oh, oh, I've got it.

Drop Brett Lee for the Boxing Day Test and replace him with...David Hicks.

Imagine the sledging.

Hick: "Hey, AB de Villiers, go out next ball or I'll shoot you."

AB de Villiers: "Umm...OK."

eat my shorts said...

That's a terrible photo of Ponting. He just looks so ... so, Tasmanian. Urgh. Shudder.